School management software with the batch management system

School management software with the batch management system

There are several ways in which a school management system can help a school take proper care of the batches of students that it has. For example, with the help of the dashboard facility schools can view the latest information in areas such as the following:

  • news
  • events
  • discussions
  • birthdays
  • leave applications

Here are the top 14 ways through which school management software can help institute to manage the batch details and other nitty-gritty information:

1. Sending messages

These school management software systems have basically revolutionized the way schools are now able to communicate with their students. They normally come with inbuilt messaging systems that make it easy for the schools to send information to students and their parents.

The best part of all this is that the entire process can be completed within a short span of time. These systems have made it easier for communication to become more effective as far as administration, students, teachers, and parents are concerned. These systems also enable a school to record communications with students so that they can be used at a later date for reference and other important purposes. With the help of these systems, a school can deliver automatic messages and that too in a personalized manner. Information can be provided in the following areas:

  • events
  • news
  • fee schedules
  • new forums
  • holidays

2. Managing admissions

A school can use an online school management system in order to manage the admission process for students. It can assign a unique ID for all the students and create admission forms that are highly detailed. At the same time, it also helps that these systems come with the capability to add multiple guardians for a child. They have emergency contact facilities that are really important, especially in this day and age. Schools can also record previous educational details of the students that they are taking in.

3. Managing details of students

With software for schools at its disposal, a school can keep all the important details related to a student. It can create normal profiles for students on the basis of batches and view them as and when may be needed. It can maintain a wide range of data regarding a student and view it as and when it wishes to or needs to. Some such data categories may be enumerated as below:

  • reports
  • fees
  • activities
  • remarks
  • records

The databases in these systems are really comprehensive and this is what allows a school to look up all its students – existing and former ones – on these platforms.

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4. Managing news

An important part of taking care of students and batches for a school is providing them with the latest news on a consistent basis. Thankfully, these products make it easy for schools to keep that end of the bargain. With these systems, it is possible for the schools to create, delete, and edit news as and when it wants to. They can also make it easy for the students to look up any relevant news. Students can also view all the news at once if they need to.

5. Taking care of examinations

With the help of these systems, a school can create different kinds of examinations on the basis of categories such as marks and grades, to name a few. It can also group together exams if it has to. These systems can function as online examination services that come with features such as automatic marks calculation. A school can create both descriptive and objective style exams on these interfaces. The report centres on these systems are extensive, to say the least. At the same time, schools can also generate reports for these exams on these systems quite easily. 

6. Creating timetables

With the help of these software systems, a school can create timetables for the benefit of its students as well. It can provide students alerts on subject limits on a weekly basis even as it creates the timetable for the upcoming days. These systems are designed in such a way that schools would get conflict warnings while creating the timetable. This would inform the school that it may have assigned a teacher for two classes during the same period. A school can also create timetables in advance if it wants to for the benefit of its students. Check out the various advantages institutes can gain using timetable management system.

7. Taking care of attendance

These systems also make it very easy for schools to take care of the attendance of their students. In these systems it is quite easy to mark the attendance of students and schools can also include notes and remarks in the case of individual students. These systems also make it easy to create various types of attendance reports. They also come with several filters that enable a school to filter the reports as it wants. The best part of these systems is that they can be integrated with RFID (radio frequency identification) systems, biometric systems, and other hardware-based systems that a school uses.

8. Managing blogs

Blogs these days have become so much more than mere ways of self-expression. They have become a great platform for knowledge as well. This is the reason why schools these days are encouraging their wards to write blogs and learn through that as well. With the assistance of the systems being talked about over here, a school can create a platform where students can write blogs and also see the blogs written by their peers. It can also filter these blogs on the basis of the different filters that come with these systems.

9. Managing hostels

If a school has boarding facilities and puts up its students in hostels then it would find these platforms to be really useful for the fact that they have facilities for managing hostels. Here a school can add, edit, delete, and view the different hostels that it is running and the same facility is available with respect to rooms as well. Through these systems, it becomes very easy for a school to allot rooms to a student. A school can also create a date for collecting hostel fees and manage the collections of the same. It can also see who all have defaulted on their hostel fee payments.

10. Managing libraries

A library happens to be an important part of the learning process of a student – it is here that she or he would get loads of information, some of which may not be available on the internet as well. Well, with these software systems, a school would find it a lot easier to manage its libraries. It can easily flip through the catalogue of books and see the books that are yet to be issued. It can also manage the books that are there at its disposal a lot better.

11. Managing transport

As we all know, the cases of molestation and misbehaviour against kids while they are being taken to and from school have gone up. It is part of a school’s duty to make sure that its students stay protected at all times. An important component of that is managing the transport facilities that it offers and making sure that they are safe and secure enough for the students. With the help of these systems, a school can add, edit, and delete the routes of the vehicles. At the same time it a school can also add details pertaining to the destination and cost of vehicles.

12. Creating calendars for students

These systems help a school to create calendars and show a wide range of information such as events, holidays, examinations, and dues. There are facilities in these systems to use a separate colour for each action and categorize them properly. Schools can easily view these items on a monthly basis and navigate the information. This, in turn, is helpful for the students as well as with all the prior information on their fingertips they can stay adequately prepared and enjoy all that the school has to offer. This, in turn, improves their relationship with the school.

13. Creating events

These days, various events can be called the lifeblood of an educational institution especially as far as holding the interest of the talented students with varied interests is concerned. With the help of the software systems we are discussing over here a school can create any number of events and provide a proper description regarding the same so that everyone stays in the loop. If a school wishes it can mark the event as a holiday as well. It can create events for a separate set of students and teachers who may have a greater degree of interest in the same compared to others.

14. Registering and managing applicants

These systems also make it very easy for schools to deal with all the students that have applied to be a part of the same. A school can create a really detailed application form for the purpose and customize it significantly as per its preferences as well. If it wants, it can manage, edit, and delete registration for certain courses in order to reduce the clutter that normally surrounds these processes. These software products have different kinds of filters and a school can easily view applicants through those filters.   

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