School management software to manage the chaos during peak admission season

School management software to manage the chaos during peak admission season

School Management Software to ease the admission process for schools and parents

School admission season is just around the corner and for schools and educational institutes, this is one of the busiest seasons of the year. During this season all departments in the school find themselves burdened with by cumbersome processes and manual paperwork as they try to maintain a record of applicants, conversions, admissions, fees, transport etc.

To manage this mammoth task can be very overwhelming for the school administration team, especially during the peak admission season. The ensuing chaos can often lead to human errors – many of which can mar the image of the school.

Today, schools across the world have started relying on technology to help them function more effectively and to teach more engagingly. Using a school management system allows schools to surmount their admission time challenges and helps to automate the entire process making it faster, more accurate and most importantly saving the time and effort of all involved in the process

How does a software for school management ease the admission process?

1. Online creation and distribution of school prospectus

To start with, using a software for school management is one of the best ways to create and distribute the school prospectus to interested parents. Parents looking for information about the school and its facilities, need not wait for the administration team to mail them a prospectus, but they can simply download the same at their convenience.

2. Maintaining Digital Copies of Student Data

With the help of a school ERP system, the admission authorities can maintain a record of all the school applicants over the years, their educational records, contact details etc. These records can be easily saved and accessed when needed, thus saving the school authorities hours that would have been lost by copying the data manually from the application form into the books.

3. Maintaining Acceptance and Rejection records

The school ERP software enables the school to maintain easy records of accepted and rejected students. The software also allows for automatic sending of emails to the parents informing them of the same, and easy printing of lists if needed. Additionally, if a student is rejected, the school ERP software has the facility to analyse the individual application of the student individually if needed or in an enquiry from the parent arises.

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4. Storing Student Data in a secure manner

Once the students have been accepted into the school, you can use the school management software to assign a registration number to the students to avoid duplicity of information.  Additionally, all the student information related to class, subject, birth certificate, transfer certificate, medical history, photographs can be stored securely in the system.  This software system can then be kept safe by allowing access to only a limited people

5. Simplified Fee Management

The school management software would also help with fee management for students. During the admission peak season, there is an overflow of parents making various payments.  A school management software would help the administration team to keep a record of the various payments, generate automatic receipts, and payment reminders if needed.

Additionally, in case there were any cancellations, the school ERP would generate refunds, and payment slips according to the procedures followed by the educational institute.

6. Class timetable generation

Using a school management system, the teachers in the school will be able to generate classroom timetable at the easy click of the mouse. These timetables would save the teacher’s time and could be customised according to the teacher’s preference. Modifications to the online timetable would be simple and students could be notified of changes in the real-time

7. Easy communication with parents

The admission season and the start of the academic year is a time when the parents have a lot of questions and enquires that they need to make to be addressed immediately. A school management software that uses a discussion board or a chat forum allows for such queries to be handled and addressed immediately, leaving no room for doubts or false impressions.

8. Automatic Report Generation

Another essential task that is central to the admission process is the generation of internal reports – related to the admission process, payment updates, student information. The use of a school ERP ensures that all these reports are easily accessible and can be generated without any hassles.

9. Trend Analysis

The use of a school management software enables the school authorities to understand trends and act on the same. For instance, if there is a fall in the enquiries or a rise in admissions from a certain location, then the school can understand these trends and act on them accordingly.

One of the best advantages of working with a school ERP system is that it allows schools administration, interested parents and prospective students access to information like school notices, timetables, parent testimonies, FAQs etc. at any time and place without having to wait for the school office hours to open. Access to this important information is often the deciding factor when parents have to select a school for their children

In Conclusion:

The admission reason is one of the most critical seasons for schools and it determines the performance of the school for the entire academic year. Schools that are able to work efficiently during the peak admission season, bear the fruits of it through good admission rate and monetary success.

The admission period is also the first times that the parents interact with the school and it is critical for the schools to create a favourable impression of administrative efficiency and confidence before the parents.

However, with the constant enquiries and walk-ins, it is often impossible for the school the collect all the data and keeps the communication constant with parents. Using a school management system at this point keeps the admission process organised and chaos free, thus allowing schools to ensure that all their resources are concentrated on the student and offering him the best.

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