School ERP System with Online Examination Management

online examination management

These days, plenty of schools out there are using school enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems that come with online examination management system facilities. The main aim of using these systems is to make sure that it is easier to conduct these examinations – this also means that the entire experience is a lot better than what it used to be earlier. Now with the help of these systems schools are able to create various kinds of examinations on the basis of grades and marks scored by students. They can also club exams together if the need be. It also helps that these online systems can calculate marks automatically.

There is no need for any human intervention whatsoever. This can be done for both descriptive as well as objective examinations. The report centre facilities available with these systems are extensive, to say the least. This is also something that is expected to benefit the schools a lot. These systems also make it really easy for schools to generate reports based on various exams that they are conducting. They work in an automated manner and take very little time to generate reports based on the schools’ demands as well. Thanks to the charts and statistical data used in these reports it is possible for the schools to get a better analytical view of the reports.

These systems follow a whole lot of evaluation systems such as GPA (grade point average), CCE (continuous and comprehensive evaluation), CWA, and ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) to name a few. Apart from this, schools can also use the evaluation methods that are normally available in these systems. With the help of these systems, schools can set up the formulae that are required in case of examinations such as GPA, CCE, and ICSE to name a few. They also include special arrangements for unconventional subjects such as assessment for speaking and learning (ASL) as well as the sixth subjects of CCE.

The reports published in these systems are normally in accordance with the standards prescribed by the central educational boards of the country where the system is being used. There are different kinds of reports that can be generated from these systems – they may be mentioned as below:

    • reports based on exams
    • reports based on subjects
    • consolidated reports
    • combined reports
    • reports on the basis of student rankings in a class
    • reports based on batch
    • reports based on attendance

What are the tangible benefits of online examination management system?

There are various benefits of a school ERP system, equipped with such features. With the help of these systems, schools can assess how well the students are learning and that also as many times as they want to.

1. Assessing the progress of students

These systems make it very easy to create exams at any time of the year so that the school can get an idea of the progress being made by the students, or the lack thereof.

2. Eliminating unnecessary and costly examinations

These systems also help the schools do away with the requirement to grade students and the costs incurred in such processes.

Since it is the ERP for schools, which is basically an automated system, that is doing all the work for them, the schools can get the entire process over and done with a lot of ease. It is the computer taking the examinations, generating the question paper, assessing the answers, and creating the reports. This means that schools are able to save a whole lot of time and manpower as well.

3. Providing instant feedback to students

These systems also help the schools get instant feedback on how well the students are doing. This, in turn, helps the schools provide quick feedback to the students as well.

Normally the kind of online school ERP system being talked about over here does the checking really quickly and this is the reason it is able to generate reports in such a short span of time. This also means that the students do not have to wait for a lot of time in order to know their results.   

4. Eliminating costs normally related to exams

With the help of these online systems, schools can eliminate the need to conduct examinations on paper.

This is beneficial in so many ways. They can save paper, time, and money that is needed in huge amounts in order to conduct examinations in the traditional way. As has been stated before, since the entire process is being executed by computers schools would not need to use paper at all. One report states that in 18 per cent of the cases materials printed by corporate entities on paper become outdated after a month. Just imagine what would happen after a year – how much paper would be wasted this way. With the new systems, there is no need to buy and use paper for different kinds of works normally related to examinations.

Storing paper – and that too properly – can be a major headache for schools as well. In most cases it is. With paper, there is always a chance that it could be lost or get damaged. If either one happens it means that precious records and documents are lost. However, when the entire system is taken online it means that such issues do not arise at all. The records and documents also stay absolutely safe. If the school can use cloud storage facilities or take data backup it is even better.

5. It helps save time

A computer operated the system such as this can help a school save a lot of time that would otherwise get taken up by examinations done the normal way. Normally, in an exam a lot of people in the school involved and all of them have very important roles to play. However, in these school ERP systems, the questions are already there in the database. This means that teachers do not have to set question papers a few days before the exam and thus expend precious time and energy that way.

They can do it on the very day the exam is being taken or just the evening before the same. They also do not have to check the papers since these online systems are capable of doing that as well. It also helps that these systems can generate the reports really quickly. This means that students do not have to wait for ages in order to know the results.

6. Intangible benefits of these systems

Apart from what has been said already these online examination management systems come with a few intangible benefits as well. They can be elucidated upon as below.

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7. Access from any place and at any time

Since the entire examination is happening online all a student needs to take part in the same is an internet connection. The location of the student is not really important in this case.

8. It is a lot more secure

When compared to the traditional way in which these exams are conducted the online systems offer a whole lot more security. Even in the case, the papers have hacked the teachers and administration can always change them even at the last minute. However, since the questions are generated on a random basis it is quite difficult to hack them as well.

9. Greater consistency

These systems are a lot more consistent as well and there can really be no doubt about that.

The way these systems function it is really hard for any person to alter them at the last moment without the prior permission of the school. It is also very difficult to leak the papers in these systems. Apart from that, the question of partiality in checking the answer sheets can be ruled out since it is the system that is doing all the checking. Students will be marked according to how well they have taken the examination.

These systems also generate question papers on a random basis. This means that no two students have the exact same question paper and this, in turn, rules out the possibility of cheating as well.

The main aim of these systems

The way examinations are conducted in the traditional domain always leaves a lot to be desired. The main reason for that is there are way too many loopholes. This is where these systems can come into play and such a major role by just plugging the gaps in the system.

Modules in these systems

These systems have a number of modules as can be expected in software products of such nature. One of the modules deals with information regarding the students or candidates. This helps the schools keep a proper record of all the candidates taking the exam. There is information regarding the teachers related to the exam as well. This way, the school is also able to keep proper track of all the personnel related to these exams. Apart from these, there are modules that help schools set up question banks from which they can use questions for the paper as well. Apart from this, there are modules that allow the students to take the exam.

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