Is school management software a worthy investment to increase your ROI?

Is school management software a worthy investment to increase your ROI?

Effective Implementation of Digital transformation through school management software can have a positive impact on ROI

Return On Investment (ROI) is a financial term that measures and denotes profitability in percentage. It measures the amount of return on an investment, relative to the investment cost.  Return on Investment can be used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment and compare it’s the efficacy with other different investments and hence select the best option for financial success.

You can also use various ROI calculations to measure the understand and appreciate the ROI of the various investments made in a school.

This is especially important in today’s technology-driven era when schools are making numerous new investments in technology and digital classrooms. These new technologies have transformed the way the new-age schools function and the way a modern classroom looks.  The introduction of various school management software has made the management and administration of the school, easier than it has ever been, giving schools the upper edge that they have been looking for.

Today, schools across the world are interested in a digital transformation through the introduction of the various school management system. Understanding how this digital transformation will improve the ROI is a major determining factor in the process. 

Let us look at a few financial benefits of a school ERP software that will result in an increased ROI for your school:

1. Simplifies Manual Tasks Saving Time and Effort

School teachers and administration team are often burdened with administrative work that eats up the productive hours of the day. Using a school ERP software, these manual tasks can be easily automated and delegated to the software. Some of these functions include brochure dissemination, attendance, collecting fees and generating fee receipts. A school ERP solution simplifies all these tasks and reduces the time that is spent on them. The only role of the management team is to oversee the operations and access the reports as and when needed.

For teachers in a classroom, attendance and student grading can be a labour-intensive task, that requires hours of calculating and counting – often done in the after-school hours.  However, using digitization tools and technology, this task can be completed in minutes.

2. Reduces Reliance On Manual Work

School staff typically spend lots of manual hours managing and recording student data in files, folders and then storing these folders in space-consuming cabinets for years to come. Managing all these student records often leads to a pile-up of papers that need to be recorded, sorted and stored. Schools also generate a lot of paperwork from reports, notices, results.  Storing pile so of this data can be an intimidating and expensive affair.

The use of software for school management helps the school to record all this information in the digital archives of the software, which can then be easily accessed at the click of the mouse.  This results in significant cost saving, as all student data from registration to graduation can now simply be stored in the software. Using a software for school management also reduces the need to print records and this can prove to be a major cost saving feature for school

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3. Seamless Synchronization of departments

With the help of a school ERP system, it becomes easy to connect various departments. This is essential to synchronize communication and ensure seamless flow of information related to the various records and processes. This helps in optimizing time and ensures that there are higher efficiency and better productivity and time consumption.

4. Creates Unique Profiles For The Users

Using a school management software, it is easy to set up profiles for the different users of the software. These unique profiles ensure that each stakeholder has access to all the information relevant to them. Thus, avoiding an overflow of information as well as ensuring that critical communication is not missed out as well by the user.

Each user profile created by the software is also embedded with specific functionalities that are relative to the unique user category. For instance, for parent profile, the various teacher notes, attendance records, grades are shared with on a regular basis. Whereas student users can be sent updates and reminders on homework and assessment details. This ensures improved operations in the school and promotes healthy collaboration with a consistent flow of communication in the school.

5. Minimal IT and infrastructure cost

Setting up a school management system entails a one-time payment and set up cost when you invest in the software. Besides this payment, there is not much of financial investment in the installation, IT infrastructure, IT maintenance or IT personnel cost as most of the school management software tools are on the web or the cloud. And in case, there are any technical snags that need immediate attention, most of the school management software companies offer schools 24×7 support services to ensure quick redressal of any problems.

In Conclusion

Using a school ERP solution is one of the most effective ways to create a positive ROI, not only for the school management authorities but also for the parent and the students. When selecting a technology for your school, it is key that authorities focus on selecting a strong plan that benefits the school, the teachers, the parents as well as the students.

To get the best out of your software, it is important that your selection process includes a focus on all aspects of the software from easy installation, networking, technical support. Schools need to invest time and effort to create a master plan that outlines the cost of a school ERP software against school expenses and income. Understanding this economic aspect will help you decide the best school management software that meets your needs and fits into the school budget.

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