Why a developing nation needs inspired teachers?

Why a developing nation needs inspired teachers?

Students are considered the future of the nation akin to the teachers who are the architects. Like parents, teachers play a vital role in blooming a student’s life. They are the mediator who passes on their valuable knowledge to the students to prepare them for the future. But it’s a cliché that in most of the developing countries, teachers don’t get the recognition in contrast to the other professions such as engineers, doctors, and others. This not only dampens their passion for teaching but also wanes the productivity which directly affects the school’s and student’s success.

Nowadays, the young generation views teaching as a low-level profession pursued by professionals having no recognizable talent. This has become the primary reason for the stagnation of the growth of developing countries. If those nations are ambitious enough to view themselves as a recognized country in the future, then they should be focussing on creating a solid educational platform for the young generation to prosper and participate in the nation’s success. To be able to achieve such heights, having better teaching professions is paramount.   

Here are the top 10 tips to implement in your institution for improving the productivity of the educators:

1. Professional development course

Encouraging teachers to join the professional courses, webinars, and workshops, help towards raising their critical thinking level, acquiring the valuable knowledge and ideas, and get a chance to meet various people with whom they can exchange their thoughts and conceptualize further ways to spice up the teaching.

2. Complimentary snacks

Continuous teaching hours for the educators can be equally exhausting as the students, and they need to recharge themselves to be able to keep the excitement and enthusiasm alive in a classroom. Snacks and beverages along will conveniently organize breaks can be the energy booster they’d need to keep themselves focussed in the teaching halls and come up with exciting ways to make the learning more interesting.

3. Accolades and recognition

Everyone feels delighted to be appreciated at work. In institutions, the teacher’s performance can be evaluated by the progress of their students. Therefore, if the students perform well under a teacher’s guidance then it is the institute’s responsibility to accolade the teacher’s contribution. Other tutors feeling a sense of competition would focus on their teaching as well, to be equally recognized. Though, the institution should also be aware of falsified results to gain recognition on teacher’s part.

4. Brainstorming sessions with the principal and other teachers

One problem may have various solutions but how would you choose which is the best fit? Brainstorming is a technique in which various member from same organization share their ideas and then after the exchange, an optimal solution is arrived at. Similarly in institutions, to improve the productivity of an institute and progress of students, everyone has various opinions. Monthly schools can conduct brainstorming session where teachers and other decision makers can share their views and with intelligent conversations can arrive at a solution.

5. Set an instructional objective

Students should be able to perform a task if the skills to perform it has already been imparted by the instructor. As an example: at the end of a course, students should be able to solve problems related to the course. Acquiring such teaching abilities are either natural for a teacher or is learned over vast teaching experience, and therefore requires their dedication and planning. But such objectives are necessary to ameliorate the efficiency of the teachers.

6. Technology usage while handling the classroom activities

Technology is evolving day by day and its applications are present in every kind of industry. Currently, the market is flooded with software to simplify and automate the academic and administrative activities of the schools. Tools like school management software help teachers in managing the attendance, assignment, conduct online examinations, track a student’s performance, check their payroll, online apply for leaves, etc. Using such software speeds up the process of managing the academic activities to bestow on them the ability to focus on more important tasks.

7. Organize day trips

Fun activities, movies or trips is exciting for everyone. Such kind of activities improve the bonding between the colleagues, reduce their stress and give them a chance to know each other in a better way. These outings make the employees feel happy and relaxed.

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8. Month-end birthday celebrations

Celebrating birthdays at your working place with colleagues can make you feel nostalgic. Such celebrations improve the camaraderie between fellow colleagues.

9. Social networking

Networking on social media channels is a trend which has grabbed every generation. Teachers can easily connect with their students and improve their learning experience by sharing classroom notes, talking about trending topics and sharing other visual aids which intrigue the students and boost their engagement towards learning. The instant notification on social media channels about seminars, conferences, and other development workshops helps them socialize with their students while offering them up-to-date knowledge.

10. Quarterly performance evaluation

Periodically evaluating the performance of instructors sometimes becomes controversial but this gives an insight on the gaps in teaching. It would be fair to reward their contributions based on their teachings, progress of their students and relationship with their pupils.

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