What is Online School Management System? Some key features you must know

online school management system

Some online school management system features and functions you must know

You wake up to the buzz of the alarm from your phone, check for news, before figuring out the best route to your destination using Google Maps. You stay connected with friends and family through messaging services and when you get home, you wind down by watching your favorite show thanks to your chosen streaming video service provider. It’s undeniable that technology is now seamlessly integrated into the fabric of our lives.

The target market for most technologies is younger people. These are early adopters who intuitively understand and use technology in new and imaginative ways every day. So why should it be any different at school?

The use of email and messaging groups are par for the course and we have alumni events being organized on Facebook – the connectivity promises we’ll always stay in touch. So why do so many high tech schools with high tech students still seem to rely on an archaic way of doing things? Isn’t there a solution that would replace these outmoded processes?

What is an online school management system?

Simply answered – yes. Online school management software is the solution to a lot of the issues arising from outdated processes and functions that plague today’s educational institutions.

But what is online school management software?

Simply put, it is a piece of educational technology that helps you automate everything in your college or school. Think of it is an all-in-one administrative assistant, finance department, record keeper, data analyst and report writer for all your needs. It is your most capable companion in running your educational needs and a handy resource in your day to day decision making.

These might seem like a tall order, but the robust nature of a flexible online school management software, like Fedena, will be able to do all this and more. It will soon become an inextricable part of your educational journey.

Who is the online school management system built for?

It might seem like an online school management system is a boon for school management and administration. But its uses are not limited to an audience of one! Teachers, students, and parents are all stakeholders that benefit from this piece of education technology. The effects of a well-run school are bound to extend to the very people who keep it going. Online school management software is not just a tool handy for non-education staff but has features that directly benefit those more directly involved with the teaching side of things.


Read on to learn more about some key features of the online school management system software and how they make everyone’s life easier.

What are some online school management system software features to watch out for?

Will every online school management software brings its own strengths and challenges to the table, there are some key features your pick should have? At the very basic level, your online school management software must offer an easy-to-use interface, robust system to take on the challenge of running an educational system, and the flexibility to adapt to changing needs.

Some other key features to look out for are elaborated on below:

1. School management features

At the very outset, your online school management software must be able to comprehensively handle your educational institution’s processes. This involves everything, from admissions to transfer or leaving certificates issues to students graduating from the school. An online school management software like Fedena will be able to automate processes like timetables, transport, admissions processing, onboarding of new students, scheduling of classes, attendance, school events, calendaring, and so on. This is the very basic thing you must expect from your online school management software.

2. Parent-teacher collaboration

It takes a village to raise a child, the maxim goes, and the case is no different in school. It is not the sole responsibility of a teacher to educate a child – parental support plays a huge role. So how do we make sure these two important stakeholders are on the same page? Through easy and consistent collaboration. And how do we make this possible? Through your online school management software, that allows for one on one communication, remote monitoring of the child, easily accessed logins for parents to monitor teacher feedback on class assignments and exams, dashboards that announce school alerts, etc.

3. Fee management and online payments

One of the most time consuming and headache inducing factors of running an educational institution are fee management. But your online school management software can reduce this burden on staff! With highly robust, yet flexible backends, fee management systems can be easily set up to suit every student’s needs. Build custom fee bands that take into account individual deductions, fees, fines, and scholarships awarded to students. Help parents pay swiftly and easily with online payment processing from any device. Finally, generate a fee receipt of the records swiftly within the same online school management software.

4. Gradebooks and reports

gradebook and reports

Goal oriented and personalized teaching has increasingly been found to more effective for students than anything else. A huge factor in this is a continual assessment to keep track of student progress. With online grade books and one-on-one feedback made possible by your online school management software, parents and teachers can easily keep track of their scholars’ progress at school. This helps course-correct in real time, watch out for budding problems, and address issues in a timely fashion – all to help students achieve their educational goals!

5. Timetable, attendance, and scheduling

Good results arise from good preparation. Keeping track of student attendance, scheduling classes and having an easily accessed timetable is key to ensuring students remain well-organized and on track. Your online school management software will help with all these tasks, allowing your student to keep their eye on the prize.

6. Online examinations and assignments

Exams are a necessary metric that helps students evaluate how well they have realized their learning goals at regular goals. But why add to the stress of an already tension inducing event? Easily accessed from any device, timely grading, and private communication of feedback through your online school management software is key to encouraging students to see exams as a tool to help them improve.

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