Advantages Of Managing Gradebooks With Student Management System

Advantages Of Managing Gradebooks With Student Management System

The major advantage of gradebooks system is it gives an overview on the performance of students in a school. A gradebook is a reflection of the work that has been done in the classroom. It echoes the learning that the students have experienced and serves as a launch pad for the coming academic. It also gives an accurate description of the students’ progress in school over a period of time

For most parents in schools, this gradebook is the reference sheet which helps them access their child’s performance. The report card is the first and oftentimes only reference and physical evidence that helps them assess how the student is functioning is the school.

Hence it is essential that the gradebook be meaningful to parents. It should be viewed as a tool for accurate evaluation and communication of the students’ progress and academic behaviour without confusing the parents or the school

Using a student management system that manages gradebooks is one of the best ways to create a guidebook that will help the parents and the teachers effectively understand the students and guide them towards academic excellence.

Let’s have a look on top 8 advantages of gradebook for institutes:

  • Automated Report Card

The student management software has built-in support to ensure that the entire process of grade book generation can be easily automated with a few clicks of the mouse. This saves the school teachers time and effort as the report cards and grade books can be digitally created and shared online with the parents

  • Error Free Report Cards

One of the biggest advantages of using a students information management system to create and manage gradebooks is lack of errors and mistakes in calculations. Creating a report card manually often leads to human errors in calculating the grades or in converting the marks into grades. However, these embarrassing calculating and converting mistakes can be completely avoided with the use of an online student management system.

  • Customizable Report Cards

With gradebook management, you can customise your report card to meet the specific requirements of the teaching authorities. The software makes it easy for schools to create a layout that follows the branding guidelines of the school. The software also makes it easy for the schools to display the information that they want to share with parents depending on their internal guidelines. Schools can also customize the display periods and styles for grades ranging from percentage, points, letter grades etc.

  • Reduced workload for teachers and school staff

It empowers the teacher as it saves time and effort by consolidating the critical grading process into a simple cloud based platform. Using the various tool, teachers can create a point and click ad hoc report generator for nearly any data in the software. This enables them to manage activities more efficiently and keep the parents updated on any trends that they many notices in the student performance. Also helps teachers to flag any missing assignments, enter sub-skill grades for each course at the click of a button and print progress reports at any required time.

  • Flexible Report Card Models

The school authorities can meet the grade book standards and adhere to the grading scale system defined by the various school board authorities. The schools also have the flexibility to create the grade book in various formats that can be easily viewed & accessed by the parents over emails, mobile apps and websites.

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  • Real-time access to school data

School get access to view the entire school’s data with the click of the mouse. Principals and other school authorities can view the entire school’s performance in a particular subject or a grade’s understanding of a concept at a glance – thus helping the schools access and comprehend the student learning in real time and at a glance. Gradebook management tools also allow for related school data to be downloaded in various data formats from excel sheets to pdf documents.

  • Faster creation of report cards

At the end of a school year or a school semester, one of the most anticipated documents is the report card. Parents eagerly wait for these school documents that help them evaluate their child’s academic progress during the course of the year. However, creating gradebooks can be a tedious and monotonous process as each teacher manually works on calculating marks, then waits for other grade teachers to share their inputs, ensures that each report card is then signed by the necessary school authorities.

However, the use of a gradebook management system ensures that all of these processes are taking care of online, from automatic calculations and conversion, multiple teachers working at the same time, digital signatures and emailing gradebooks. All of these ensure that the gradebook is created within minimum time and shared with the eager parents at the earliest.

  • Integration of additional elements in the grade books

Using the online student management system, teachers can easily add in additional elements into the school grade book. From attendance records, late coming reports to disciplinary statements can easily be integrated into the grade book – thus effectively ensuring parents updated about every aspect of their child’s school behaviour and performance.

With the implementation of new teaching systems and programs, the workload on teachers and school coordinators has increased by manifold. This specifically refers to those responsible for tabulation of assessment marks and creation of school grade books and report cards. Creating a grade book, requires multiple calculations and conversions and the use of a gradebook management tool makes the task easier for schools. It also helps to enhance the teacher-parent communication – making report cards an essential tool to help guide the students to reach academic and personal excellence.

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