Union budget 2018 and it’s impact on education sector

Union budget 2018 and it’s impact on education sector

“Govt to increase digital intensity in education. Technology to be the biggest driver in improving quality of education: said by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley”

Introduction of Indian Union budget 2018 in India education sector

Education is the backbone of every country. It is a key through which a country’s economic condition can be reformed and individual citizens attain the power to grow financially. It helps in forming a democratic and harmonious nation. In India, the reach of education has improved a lot, but when it comes to the quality of education, India is still lagging behind compared to other developed nations. This is why in 2018’s Indian Union Budget, the government focused to boost the education sector to the next level.

We all know that India’s 2018 financial budget is out. This time government has taken big steps to improve the quality of education and to revitalize the institutional infrastructure. The purpose of this new budget is to amend the standard of education using the latest technology in the education sector. It has been observed that even with a widespread outreach of education, it is the quality which is lacking and thereby impacting the economic growth. Therefore for better economic growth, a better quality education is a prerequisite, which would eventually boost the productivity and success of the nation.

Initiative was taken by government to improve the quality of education in India

To benefit the youth of our nation and education sector, the government has taken various initiatives in the education sector. Let’s have a look at these:

  • The government has proposed to launch “RISE (Revitalising Infrastructure & System in Education” program which is planned to be accomplished by 2022. The main aim of this demarche is to revamp the institute infrastructure, opening the schools for the tribal children, and teacher’s skill development program for an opportunity for a higher quality of education.
  • To upgrade the teaching skills, the government would soon be launching the learning portal “DIKSHA” and will initiate the integrated B.Ed programme, which is a combination of degree in art, science and education courses. The government has made these programmes mandatory for every individual, as the teachers are the primary source of education for the children. So it is very crucial for them to be properly trained with their skills updated and honed to suit the upcoming technological advancements.
  • To push the best minds in the education industry, the government has announced the “Prime Minister Research Fellows (PMRF)” programme. Top 1000 BTech students from premier institutes get an opportunity to complete the higher education from IITs and IISc institutions, along with which they will receive handsome fellowships. This is a chance for the youth generation to be inspired for joining the teaching profession, which would eventually improve the quality of education.

How Foradian can help in improving the education structure

The new budget has revealed that with the implementation of better technology the government is ready for a big change in the education sector. Likewise, Foradian is also focusing on turning every school into a smart school. This’ll help teachers focus on delivering the best education to the students instead of wasting their time on unproductive tasks such as taking attendance, timetable management, assignment collection, progress report management and many more.

To achieve such goals Foradian has two smart and robust software for institutions named as Fedena (school management software) and Uzity (learning management system).

Fedena is a school management software which helps in automating and revitalizing the institution’s daily operations. Using Fedena in institutions all administrative and academic activities can be managed efficiently. As we know, the Finance Minister has proposed every institution to have a better infrastructure, which not only means the institution is well structured (with updated DR norms), but also to manage the institution’s daily workings. The schools must have updated technology in their organizational system.

Therefore we are continuously enhancing our product for the institutions to make them experience the best there is to offer, which would also meet all the needs of the daily trivialities to be observed. Along with it, we launched a Fedena Demo Mobile App so the institution’s stakeholders can operate the software according to their convenience. Using the app you can connect with anyone from anywhere at anytime. Students can get instant notifications such as exam alerts, event, fee dues, attendance details and much more. This saves the time of students and teachers so they can focus on their subjects.

Soon Fedena 3.6.2 is going to be released which comprises of all the new Tax calculations, gradebook features, and several other key feature enhancements.

Uzity a learning management system was designed to move the learning from a blackboard to a digital board. Uzity is a platform using which teachers can teach their students from anywhere at anytime. It has been analyzed that students find traditional teaching method boring and impractical. Imbibing the concepts without practically understanding them not only mitigates the quality of education but also gives a rise to an incompetent generation. But using e-learning platform in your institution system, the learning can be transformed into an interesting and interactive studying experience.

Uzity’s amazing features allow you to add teaching materials such as in the form of videos, audios, presentation, which waxes the interest of the students and motivates them to focus on their studies. Teachers can navigate the progress of their students for each course and also assess using either assignments or online quizzes. Its in-app messaging feature always keeps the students up-to-date even if they are farther away.

Quality education and usage of better technology in the education sector is a step further towards a better nation.

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