Parents involvement in education using school management software

Parents involvement in education using school management software

Education begins at home. You can’t blame the school for not putting into your child what you don’t put into him. -Geoffrey Holder

Parents assistance in learning activities at home has always been the critical factor for a  child’s education. The proper and effective communication between parents and educational institution leads to improved learning outcomes from the student’s. Parents are considered as a  first teacher and mentor of their children. Research shows that consistent parent’s engagement in their child school life boosts their child performance, learning, achievement, behaviour and much more.

As a result, children whose parents stay involved are more likely to have higher self-esteem, discipline and have more self-motivation and tend to achieve better grades, regardless of their ethnic, social or racial backgrounds.

It is anticipated that the  parental involvement in child’s education might lead to: 

  1. Achievement of Higher marks and grades.
  2. Participation in non-academic programs which may help in student personality development.
  3. Lower degree of drop-out rates.
  4. A better understanding of the purpose of learning and its relevance in future.
  5. Achieving social and interpersonal skills.
  6. Stress-free learning.
  7. Engaged personal competence and efficacy for learning.
  8. Greater engagement in creative programmes.

The continuous communication and involvement of parent with the educational institution will surely accelerate the pace of student educational development. Having understood the relevance of this, we have incorporated some of the important features in our school management software Fedena, where the parents can get duly engaged about the child’s performance in school.

Once the parent logs into school management software, they can have access to all the data mentioned below:

Student profile

  1. View an academic report of the child
  2. View personal details of child
  3. View his own personal detail
  4. View fee dues and refunds
  5. View classes the child has for the day
  6. View any remarks provided by the teacher
  7. View registration documents


  1. View academic timetable
  2. View examination report
  3. View attendance reports


  1. View library dues
  2. View fees dues
  3. View holidays and events
  4. View  examinations


  1. View institution news
  2. Fill and provide feedback through form’s
  3. Access apps that parent have access to
  4. View and reply the messages initiated by the Institute


  1. View any discipline matters the child may be involved in

Yet again the mobile app of Fedena has made things even easier for the parents, by letting them have access to the information via a dedicated school app.

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