School Management System’s Role in Tackling 2018 Education Trends

School Management System’s Role in Tackling 2018 Education Trends

The new year isn’t just a fresh start for educational institutions, but also fresh trends for them to tackle in the coming year. While the marking of the new year is arbitrary, it is a great way to take stock of everything that has happened in the previous year and prepare oneself for the next year.

Education is no different. The way we learn is changing, thanks to the changing world we live in and the influx of new research around learning and teaching. Every day we learn something new about the world around us and that changes how we see it – and consequently how we tackle it.

It is not enough that your school is technologically up to date. In a budget-conscious environment, how can we make the best of what we have? Your school management system does not become obsolete with changing trends.

We just need to think of smarter ways to use what we have. Our work is not limited to merely addressing the issues that cropped up in 2017 but also have the foresight to predict what the new year has to bring for us.

What can we expect?

How are our school management systems equipped to take on new challenges?

What items need to be on our checklist in order to ensure we are ready for what is coming? To be informed is to be prepared.

Check out some 2018 education trends below to get started:

1. Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality headsets are not just for games and horror stories anymore. This immersive technology is increasingly likely to become a learning tool because of its ability to give you a real world feel at the fraction of the cost of an air ticket. Explore Mohenjo Daro’s ruins, get a feel for a day in the life of a plant, or just explore new geographies through this piece of technology. Offering it as part of course materials on your school management system only helps you connect with a bigger classroom before, comprising of students from all over the world.

2. Rising Educational Costs

Not all trends are happy ones. Unfortunately, along with everything else, the cost of having a great education will also rise. A large portion of this is the rising costs of land, assets, and daily operations of running an educational institution. But one cannot rule out the intense competition amongst students – parents are keen on ensuring a good education for their children. What can schools do to mitigate this while still keeping the quality of teaching offered
high? School management systems are great for reducing the financial cost of doing business in the education sector. They reduce repeated costs, administrative costs, and labour costs, allowing schools to run more efficiently and the burden on parents to be reduced.

3. Learning Anywhere and Everywhere

One only has to look at social media to see that learning is now continuous and omnipresent. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing lectures being live streamed on Facebook. How can your school management system help? With the right plug-ins, your school management system becomes a secure portal for students to log into their classrooms remotely. Never miss out on a lesson, clarify doubts, or just audit a class to decide if it interests you. In 2018, learning will go social, with a kind of peer learning coming to the forefront. Tap into the advantages of social learning by ensuring your systems are ready to take on how students learn in this new day and age.

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