A School ERP System App At Your Fingertips

A School ERP System App At Your Fingertips

Have you tried the Fedena School ERP System App yet?

This month, we have been talking about the trends in School ERP systems and education. Something we have noticed is an increasing move towards mobile across demographics. So it is not just our young teenagers who are obsessed with Snapchat, but parents on the go who want to check in on their children, or professionals who want to stay engaged with an increasingly globalized world and 24-hour workplaces.

School ERP systems cannot be left far behind. Parents want to have all-around access to their children, no matter where in the world they are. Teachers want to be able to quell any last minute exam fears by clearing doubts in real time. Children too want to be able to integrate their schooling into their daily lives. Gone are the days of being inaccessible because you are at school or work – we live in too connected a world for that now.

So what are the unique features that the Fedena School ERP system app promises its users?

It has all the features you are used to on the desktop version, tweaked to work on mobile intuitively. Let’s take a look at some key ones below:

1. Easier Communication

Your school ERP system offered a personal communication option that allowed you to directly connect with school personnel or students or parents for quick, easy, reliable communication.

This was an easy fit for the mobile app – create WhatsApp like chats or groups to communicate easily, resolve issues, or just keep in touch. This is an option for educators, students, and parents, keeping a three-way line of communication open. What does this mean ultimately? No more crossed wires caused due to gaps in communication.

2. Easier Announcements

We have spoken extensively on the blog on the need for including crisis management game plan that is integrated with your school ERP system. School administrators can create game plans that take into account all possibilities, but when push comes to shove, what matters is efficient actioning of the plan. A key factor in a crisis is timeliness – when we are able to swiftly communicate accurate information, it is the difference between safety and harm. When it comes to children, no risks must be taken. The

The app allows you to swiftly communicate information through push notifications, alerts, or announcements (depending on the severity of information to be communicated) to all students or select groups. It is one of the most efficient ways to get your message out there.

3. Easier Administration

Having to find a desktop to look up grades, enter fee details or just check on a timetable is an exercise in futility. The sheer time and energy wasted in having to log into a desktop school ERP system to check on a small piece of data are unacceptable for a world on the go. Keeping this in mind, Fedena mobile offers powerful admin tools to teachers, parents, and non-education staff alike.

Teachers are able to take attendance, parents are able to check on their child’s
whereabouts per their timetable, and administrators are able to update fee records from anywhere, just by using their mobile phone. This means more efficient multitasking and a better use of everyone’s time. Do we really need to devote an entire day to paying fees or getting a copy of the timetable?

These are only a few features of the School ERP System App. This app is highly customisable to your needs and it is a new face of education now and future. Take it for a test drive today: https://www.fedena.com/erp/fedena-mobile-app

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