Using School Management Software To Build Safer Schools

Using School Management Software To Build Safer Schools

School Management Software is making mere watchmen obsolete

Remember the days of yore with your friendly watchman at the one school gate that you knew by name and seemed to have a radar for mischief anywhere on campus? Throw in a formidable principal, an eagle-eyed librarian, and a physical education teacher who looked like he could uproot trees one-handed and that pretty much constituted a crack security team for any school.

With the influx of newer technologies, students born without a fear gene, and an increasingly chaotic world, however, and this team just isn’t enough. Expectations have also changed – parents now expect to be able to track every moment of their child’s routine from anywhere in the world.

How is a modern school to cope?

Beat technology with technology. Your school management software was not just built to share coursework and update grade books. It has tools and features that are helpful in times of crisis – big and small. Your school management software is useful for everyone, from the principal to gain easy access to student information to know how to address disciplinary issues to the security guard at the school gate so he knows he is releasing a student into the safe custody of an approved guardian. Being safe is all about being prepared. Arm yourself with information and processes that kick in automatically – before disasters occur.

Ultimately, it is up to how a school uses their school management software. Security might not seem like a priority for an educational institution, but considering the vulnerable charges they have to manage, it is a responsibility that cannot be shirked.

How would this work in real time?

Check out the three scenarios that could occur in any school below:

1. Seamlessly Managing Student Half Days

Sanctioned or caused by a funny tummy, a change in the usual school routine is often the most vulnerable moment when malicious elements can cause the most damage. You no longer have to rely on your trusting child’s familiarity with his regular bus conductor. School management software helps you track your children until they are home safe and sound. Parents and teachers are able to access this feature on the go, ensuring that no matter where they are, their little ones are where they should be.

2. Student Information At Your Fingertips

With classroom sizes growing at a rapid rate and schools expanding to multiple branches to serve as many communities as they can, it is no surprise that administrators may be hard-pressed to remember every student they encounter. But to effectively address disciplinary issues, one must understand the student. These are children, not the enemy combatant, and spotting a pattern of repeat offences might indicate an issue that is easily resolved without punishing the child. School management software helps maintain comprehensive records that can be accessed by various stakeholders at varying levels of security. This ensures a complete picture while also maintaining appropriate levels of privacy.

3. Preventative Data Security

Security isn’t just about maintaining a log of school entry and exit or tracking children as they go about their day. A big part of it also respecting data privacy and security for sensitive information that is useful in a crisis or in cases of a security breach. Security, as a culture, must start with this. School management software must be robust about this to be considered trustworthy by their users. Vulnerable information like student information, private communications between stakeholders like parents and teachers, or even grade book or report card information must be protected. This information is an insight into the student mind and can provide valuable clues in times of trouble.

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