Paperless Solution: School ERP System

School ERP System

Reduce the carbon footprints by introducing the ERP system in your institution

It does not really matter if your school is big or small. It needs to maintain data on a consistent basis and make sure that the entire process done in an impeccable manner as well. All the activities being done in the school need to be maintained in the records. This could include recording data on the attendance of students and teachers to sending the progress reports of the students to their parents. It is basically the responsibility of the management of the said institute. It needs to make sure that all the operational data is maintained and that too in a secure way, to achieve this you need school ERP system.

This is the reason why you see so many schools hiring IT (information technology) staff on a temporary basis in order to maintain their data and also perform other functions related to running the school in an efficient manner. These people do play an important role in making sure that the school is being managed in an effective manner. In spite of that, it needs to be kept in mind that this is a rather costly solution, to say the least since you do need additional employees to make it work. This is where web-based school ERP software (enterprise resources planning) made specifically for such institutes can come in so handy.

It makes a lot more sense for an educational entity such as a school, to have a system that is much easier to operate and is a lot more efficient when it comes to activities such as recording, communicating, compiling, analyzing, and scheduling all the activities that may be important to a school.

What does school ERP mean?

ERP can be defined as an automated system of sorts. They are designed with the specific intention of managing the work of an organization with the help of computers. The ERPs created for schools and colleges are meant mainly for catering to the various administrative requirements of such educational entities.

These web-based programs are categorized into a number of modules that are meant to manage separate functions. They also happen to be connected to each other and that is what makes integrating them into the school’s overall system so easy. This makes the normal work of a school or a college lot simpler, and thus better than what it was before. This happens because the load of the administrative bodies and members of the faculty are divided. No longer do they need to bear the entire burden all by themselves. This makes them feel lighten and allow them to acutely concentrate better on their core work – spreading knowledge among the students and helping them fulfil their true potential in life.

The benefits of education ERP software

With school ERP software, an institution can enjoy plenty of advantages. You would already have learned a few of them by now. At a very fundamental level, it needs to be acknowledged that storing and maintaining data accurately – in a school is a Herculean task. This is where one gets to understand the true worth of these systems.

Education ERP software helps in the seamless integration of such mammoth amounts of data in the school’s everyday working processes. These automation systems take care of the different administrative requirements of a school as well. Along with, they help teachers with important tasks such as preparing lectures as well as other work related to homework, discussions in class, and examinations in general. The data maintained in the ERP systems can also come in handy as far as providing correct and precise information to entities such as tax authorities and trustees is concerned. With the help of all the data at its fingertips, a school can provide the same as and when it is asked to do so.

These systems also come equipped with facilities such as SMS (short message service) as well as direct messages. This helps in the proper and perfect communication between important entities such as the top management of a school and its teachers, parents, and students. You can be sure that if such a system was adopted in your school it would lead to greater involvement of the students as well. Their education will be benefited as well since they would be able to gain round the clock access to homework, test papers, classwork, and others to name a few.

In short such software for school management, can be called the ideal platform for a student where she or he can review important aspects of her or his own academic careers such as study-related progress and overall attendance.

How can you choose one?

Choosing the correct school ERP software can be quite a tricky proposition as such. This is true even more in case you are not aware of what your institution needs in the first place. This is the reason why as and when you think of buying such a system for your school you should first note down all the features and benefits that you are expecting from such a system.

These should ideally be the ones that you need the most right now. Before you select a product in this regard, first ask the vendor company to provide a demonstration of how the product works. This will help you determine if the product is up to scratch or not. You would also be able to find out if it needs any modifications or not. Just because you have installed a product that enjoys a certain level of popularity do not expect it to solve all your needs and be as efficient as you would want it to be.

Before purchase must evaluate it on various parameters such as how it is performing? Is it giving you what you need? Is it a long-term solution to the problems that you may be facing right now? Ask these questions as the answers to the same would determine whether you buy it or not. It is always better to choose a solution that is cost-effective – one that you can tweak a little in order to satisfy your requirements as such.

In the end, it can be said that these products are easily one of the greatest technological innovations to have been created in the 21st century. Its primary aim – as has been stated already – is to make the processes of a school’s functioning simpler than before. This is a modern era when the emphasis is on reducing the amount of paperwork and creating a work culture that is better in terms of organization. All this is only possible when you make the entire system automated. It is really the time when you should welcome such school software systems and that too with open arms.

What do these products do?

As has been said already these ERP school management system is capable of performing a wide array of work related to the functioning of a school. Some of them may be mentioned as below:

  • Student profiling and documents
  • Examinations and progress cards
  • Online admissions
  • General register
  • Fee instalments and receipts
  • Library management
  • Parent communication via email and SMS
  • Analytical reports

Few above-mentioned features of school management software have elaborated below:

Student profiling

This is an important part of the work done by these systems. It has been seen that on an average, school miss out at least 20 percent of the data pertaining to their students.

The demarcation here is being done on the basis of the directives of the official authority bodies that deal with these matters. As such, schools find it rather difficult to manage all the documents related to students on a physical basis. For example, any school that has around 500 would have to maintain around 8 to 10 documents for each student. This means that they would need to take care of 5000 documents each year and that is always easier said than done.

Online admissions

Schools do spend a significant amount of money each year in order to admit students. If they are able to reduce the paperwork, in this case, they would also be able to reduce their expenses to a significant degree. The major costs in these cases are works such as printing admission forms, sorting them, and then distributing them among students.

Communication with parents also forms an important part of the work that they do. Research has shown that modern means of communication such as email and SMS are far more effective when it comes to getting in touch with the parents within a short span of time as opposed to traditional paper-based communication.

Similarly, other features play a vital role in school progress.

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