4 Important Attributes of School Management Software

school management software

Every time a new online school management software is deployed in an institution, the school management holds up an immediate meeting with the school admins and the major end users to start using the application to its full potential. It is often believed that the application will be able to provide software solutions to all the issues faced in the past. Schools do look up to their ERP with high expectations. At this juncture, there is a lot of data that has to go inside the ERP and convert this into meaningful analytics just like a data whisperer.

Team Fedena understands this perception of the end users towards their student management software and believes in catering all such possible use cases.

So here we will be covering 4 interesting attributes that would help you to get even better control over your application

1. Payslip Settings

Every school has its own format of providing payslips to the employees. Some schools would just need the payroll categories in the payslips, while others might need the employee details like date of joining grade etc. So, we have improved the payslip format by introducing a setting that lets the user choose from the variety of options available in the payslip settings page.

2. Feature Access Settings

It is important for the schools to control the information that goes public to the end users. Fedena has this feature access setting that lets you configure the modules that the guardians can have access to.

3. Message Permissions

It is automatically assumed that the ERP system must allow the users to interact among themselves because of obvious reasons. However, it is needed for the school admins to allow or revoke these permissions as and when needed. So, we have a special page to manage the same.

4. Enable auto-logout

The last but not the least of the tips enable auto-logout in the general settings helps the user to automatically log out from the application in case of inactivity.

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