Triton: Fedena 3.6 Release Note

Triton: Fedena 3.6 Release Note

New and enhanced features in the latest release of Fedena 3.6

Triton release note

What’s new in Fedena

Here is the list of new features included with this release of Fedena 3.6

Feature Description User Role Module
Gradebook This all new module is developed to be used for different types of examination systems. In the first phase it is made compatible for the new CBSE examination system with support for other types of exams coming in later phases.

It allows the creation of multiple examination structures called exam plans can be further divided into one or more terms. Both subject based and non subject based evaluations can be created and marked. Subject based exams can be graded on parameters (called attribute profiles). Activity profiles are used to evaluate non subject based exams.

Note: This is the beta version of the Gradebook module with more features and functionality coming soon in the coming days.

Administrator, Privileged Employee, Student, Parent Gradebook
Fee print settings Fee print settings allow to configure signature label, showing amount in words, custom footer text  etc. These settings can be used to configure the receipt as per the format followed by the institution. Administrator, Privileged Employee Finance
Employee revert This new feature allows reverting an archived employee back. Such a revert can be used in case an employee is deleted by mistake.

Note: Subject associations and timetable entries done for the employee are not reverted.

Administrator, Privilege Employee Human Resources
Consolidated subject wise attendance report Generate a consolidated report of attendance in all subjects for a particular date range. Option to show hours attended, percentage or both. Administrator, Privileged Employee Attendance
Siblings report All siblings in the institution are listed along with the contact details of father/mother/guardian. The report can be filtered class wise to take the report of siblings of each student in the class. Administrator, Privileged Employee Reports
Academic year The academic year is a new addition to Fedena to differentiate data across different sessions. Each batch will now have an academic year along with batch start and end dates and one academic year will be active at any time.

Note: Academic year will be first implemented in the Gradebook beta version and later adopted to other modules. You will need to link the academic year for each batches before starting to use the gradebook.

Administrator, Privileged Employee Settings

What’s enhanced in Fedena

Here is the list of enhanced features included with this release of Fedena 3.6

Feature Description User Role Module
Fee defaulters report The fee defaulters report in the reports module now has a link to send an SMS reminder to users. The SMS is sent out to students (and guardians if available and enabled) with the total fees due as on date. Administrator, Privileged Employee Reports
Transfer certificate generator TC generator header settings now allow more space for custom header. Additional details like certificate name, date of issue can be also configured when using a custom header. The overall design has also been improved to fit more data in a single page. Administrator, Privileged Employee Transfer Certificate
Fee receipts Fee receipt designs have been standardized to a match a uniform style and made more compact. Administrator, Privileged Employee, Student Finance

Issues Fixed

  • Here is the list of issues fixed in this release of Fedena 3.6


  • Issue with attendance report for new admissions fixed

Custom Report

  • Error in custom report on taking a report with deleted employee additional details fixed


  • Exam events not updating after exams are edited


  • ICSE report displaying 0 instead of hyphen(-) when marks are not available
  • Rounding off issue in CWA and ICSE exam types fixed
  • Fixed the problem of incorrect aggregate grade for GPA grouped exam report

Data Export

  • Optimizations in code to speed up generation of data export reports


  • Online payment reference id no. not present in collection wise fee summary PDF
  • Print issue in fee receipt with new version of Google Chrome fixed
  • Problem with advanced search in fee receipts page


  • Issue with fee defaulter report listing showing non defaulters corrected


  • Fixed issue of all students getting selected in broadcast message


  • Automatic Timetable generator issue with same batch tutor assigned for more than one batch fixed


  • Fixed the issue of education field not showing in Guardian Profile details

Deprecated in Fedena

Data Export: XML export, a rarely used option, has been deprecated from Data Export as part of optimizing the generation of reports. The CSV export option remains.

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