Outstation Student? College Management Software Was Built For You!

Outstation Student? College Management Software Was Built For You!

Onboard outstation students easily with the right college management software

Going to college is a big moment in any student’s life. Often, this is the first foray into adulthood for most of them. For most students, it is that there are no uniforms, or that you are (hopefully) concentrating on the subjects you want to actually study, or that it feels like it is the beginning of the rest of your life. For outstation students, however, there is the added layer of dealing with a completely new experience in a completely new space.

Unlike students going to college in their hometown, outstation students cannot rely on warm familiarity or existing social networks to anchor them during a tumultuous time. The stress of dealing with a new place and new people is overwhelming enough, without throwing in the stress of having to interact with a college or university system that is entirely removed from you.

This is where the right college management software can really make a difference. College management software is now a must-have for all colleges – it’s 2017 and inefficient bureaucracy needs to become a thing of the past. But college management software is especially useful for outstation students because it helps them more easily manage student life, freeing up time they can spend on integrating into their new home’s culture and interacting with their new friends on campus.

Here are four ways the right college management software must have in order to help your students from across the country and the world:

1. Online admissions processing

College management software starts being useful from the very first step. Outstation students can easily apply to the institution of their choice, upload required documents, request confidential references and verify their credentials all within the same college management software. No more spending immense amounts of money on postage, proving validity to every institution they apply to, or just plain worrying whether their application has reached their top choice college safe and sound.

2. Hostel management

A hostelite’s bond with their fellow hostelites is as unique as it is strong. Seamlessly manage this experience with college management software that allows you to assign rooms, switch room residents, create new rooms and hostels – in real time. Knowing where you are going to live and with whom makes onboarding outstation students earlier. Being able to connect with your fellow room or inhabitants is one step to feeling more at home in a new space.

3. Fees and dues paid on the go

Waiting in queue for a demand draft or challan is now a thing of the past. All fees and dues can be paid on a college management software like Fedena on the go – from any place and across devices. Whether it is library dues that you forgot to pay before leaving for home or adding a little something extra to your canteen fees to satiate late night exam time munchies, the right college management software makes handling finances for outstation students a breeze.

4. Parental modules to allow for easy tracking

Parents who worry about their child going off to foreign climes for higher education need not rely solely on their perennially busy wards for information. College management software allows parents to do a multitude of things – from paying their fees online, to receiving receipts easily, to keeping track of their child’s academic progress. While the bird may have flown the nest, dealing with empty nest syndrome is made easier with college management software that makes you feel just a little bit closer to them for a bit longer.

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