Modern gradebook management system to meet pedagogical goals

Modern gradebook management system to meet pedagogical goals

Education has played a vital role towards promoting the civilizations and evolving us to what we are today. Though education can be imparted through various means and mediums, school and institutional level education has been the most accepted way to impart the knowledge to our upcoming generations. Since this kind of education is vital for everyone’s growth, it is also important for the educators to evaluate how far a pupil has progressed in their learning. An examination, though widely disliked by many students it is the only way to push them past the barrier of being just a novice to a well-learned individual who’s gladly accepted in an uplifted society.

Every person goes through various trials in their life to adjust themselves in this fast-growing economy, where skills and knowledge are essential for their livelihood. Educators and institutions organize various examinations to evaluate who’s on the top and are most likely to succeed. To access each and every individual isn’t an easy job and requires a test of various virtues, the test of character and other qualities to qualify them for their career of choice. This is accomplished by organising various types of tests including surprise tests, creativity tests via assignments, quizzes, etc. Managing and keeping track of each and every type of test creates quite a hassle and is daunting to maintain. When this is coupled with holding the academic records ranging from past years, it just becomes unattainable.

Keeping track of every student’s growth is the part of an educator’s job and it is greatly hampered when they’re supposed to act like a record keeper as well. This either results in a dipping quality in their teaching standards or they’re not able to focus on students who need more attention. Maintaining everything in writing also escalates the responsibilities and in turn results in the large waste of paper. These records cannot be kept for long and fall into decay. Such actions are very harming the environment and with a few careful measures, we can eliminate the possibility of such wastage.

With the dawn of digital technology, the longevity of the records has been waxed to extend beyond the lifetime. It has also mitigated the laborious work of teachers so they can focus more on the productivity of students. With careful consideration and keeping these problems in focus, Fedena recently launched the beta version of Gradebook through which the staff can easily manage and create various kind of examinations and keep the records on the consolidated platform.

Advantages of using the grade book management system in institutions:

  • Single platform for the parents to view the result as soon as it is updated on the platform.
  • Eliminates long waiting queues and the data is available as per the viewer’s need.
  • Exponentially reduces the chance of a human error.
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