Idea to bring advancement in your institute

Idea to bring advancement in your institute

Innovation isn’t just a word but an idea which brought changes to the world in very unexpected yet pleasant ways. The world knew the comfort of supermarkets, with giants like Walmart, but it was Jeff Bezos who brought in the brilliant and revolutionary idea of casual online shopping. Another famous contribution from Google who popularized the idea of digital marketing making the world approachable for even the smallest of businesses. Looking at recent innovative companies, we find a man behind several such innovative ideas in his fast-growing eco-friendly companies; Elon Musk. The three major successes in Tesla, SolarCity and SpaceX have promised to change the world for the better.

All these great thinkers have led the world towards a stream of innovative ideas by not only making the life of everyday user easier but also bringing the world closer. Looking at every one of them, it is easy to see they were radical thinkers and not belonging to any pack, making them capable to design an experience which is exclusive to their users. The concept of 0 to 1 targets such as individual ideas and decisions which make your institution stand out. With the herald of online e-commerce platforms, we have seen several new ones pop-up, eager to enjoy the success of its predecessor. This kind of thinking is not innovative and has been responsible for stagnating the market growth, as new inventive ideas are unable to pop up. This 1 to n thinking makes you seen as a competitor at best and not a bringer of future innovations.

Taking this analogy further, we can see a huge scope of improvement in both business and educational institutions which are waiting to happen. There has already been some exciting introduction in revolutionizing the learning experience like the concept of smart classrooms; this has been a vital change in educational innovation making the classrooms more interactive and practical instead of the mundane routine for both educators and learners. This advancement in learning has brought teachers and students closer assisting in an improved comprehension for both generations. Another such measure can be taken by adopting the use of Learning Management System (LMS) making the learning more intuitive and updated advancement in classroom education. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is another such improved platform to make the institute more manageable and the process to be cost effective. Using such platforms the institutes can focus on their primary task of educating and delegate the prosaic duties to the never-tiring and diligent software making the process automated.

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These are still early days in educational advancements, there are further new platforms and ways of teaching adopted worldwide ensuring their alumni reach newer heights. Though these technological advancements are just a click away, there are still several schools who believe in following the “old ways” of tutoring. These archaic thoughts have been pulling them further away from the much needed digital learning.

Now it is time for you to decide, how would you want to be seen; one in a million or just another lamb and apart the herd.

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