5 Enhancements in fee management system

The management of fee will always be the primary process of the finance department of an institution. Thus the fee collection and records should be kept in a proper manner. Here, the fee receipt will be considered as the vital proof for collecting the fee from students. In our journey towards making the best fee management system for the institute, we have brought in new enhancements which talks more with the stakeholders.

1. Align your institute name

This feature enables you to select alignment of your institution name in Fee receipt which suits your institution format.

 2. Show amount in words

Here, you can show the amount in words which typically demand any payment receipts from an ERP. This makes the receipt more compatible with accounting records. The users will also have the option to select the wording system based on your area.

 3. Custom footer text

Now you can add the list of instruction which should be communicated through the receipt to help your fee collection and recording process more transparent.

4. Custom label for signature

Add your custom label for the signature part. Now you can change the word signature to any labels as your institute follows.

5. Space optimization

As part of the mission to reduce carbon footprints, the fee receipt space has been optimized with the maximum of data. This will help to accommodate the higher volume of data which can be can be shown in single/half fee receipt which enables the institute to save printing cost and time as well.

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