Can Your Student Administration System Handle These 3 Problems?

student administration system

Empower school administrators with the right student administration system

Administrators often receive the short end of the technology stick when it comes to software and systems built for them. The role of teachers is well-championed, students make up our future, and the role of parents in education is increasingly heralded as critical, and rightly so. But what about the non-education staff in a school? Whether it is the front office student administrator who helped you figure out how to schedule your classes to optimise your time while also taking a full course load or the janitor that ensures that you have a pleasant study environment every day, non-education personnel are often the unsung heroes that keep the wheels of a school turning.

With education technology becoming on the fastest growing markets of today, a student administration the system is becoming a common sight in every educational system out there. We have previously discussed how a student administration system can make life easier in a variety of ways, but while their role in helping teachers, students and parents may seem obvious, how does such a system helped the oft-forgotten administrator?

Platforms like Fedena have a lot to offer a school administrator. While the more pretty elements of a student administration system seem to be built for front facing clients like the teaching staff, students, or their parents, a school administrator can truly master the right platform to ensure they can get the most out of it. How? Whether it is hastening existing processes, managing information efficiently, or just automating daily, routine tasks, a student administration system has a lot to offer your average school administrator.

Here are some burdensome administrative duties made less so by a robust student administration system:

1. Managing Student Experiences

A school administrator can often seem akin to a wizard managing their students’ lives. Whether it is eking out that last bit of attendance for a graduating fourth-year pupil, getting a procrastinating first-year student into that class that seemed filled to capacity, or helping an overloaded returning student get into as many classes they can keeping in mind their strict scheduled, administrators can almost make magic happens. This is made much easier with a school administration system that gives administrators an at-a-glance view of what a student schedule looks like, and where they can afford to optimise their time to better manage their educational experience through well-managed class enrollment, scheduling, transfer, and dropping.

2. Automating Staff Payroll

Everyone from the custodial staff to the dean of your school worries about money – and getting paid on time is key to ensuring that everyone can focus on the job at hand rather than worrying about money issues. This process is a repetitive one, but that does not mean it is one that can be slacked off on – a careful eye must be kept on finances to ensure openness and transparency. An administration system that ensures that access can easily be restricted according to security clearance, an archive of all actions is maintained, and that money is disbursed in a timely and secure fashion is a must-have for any educational institution.

4. Robust Fee Processing

Processing student fees is a full-time job in itself. However, administrators are often burdened with this task in addition to other. Here are the must-haves for any good student administration system that also manages fee payment: customisable fee bands, a feature that allows individual fees and discounts to be levies, anytime, anywhere fee processing platforms to allow fees to be paid on the go, automated fee receipt generation, and a fee payment archive or record.

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