Assigning Fee collections in Fedena

Assigning Fee collections in Fedena

Assigning fees is a vital part of the daily fee operations in any school and hence an integral part of the School Management ERP. It’s quite important that the users choose the right fee collection for the student so that all the reports do fall in place. This makes the end user comfortable in dealing with the long queues in the cash counter. So, we dedicate this article to let our users know how to assign multiple fee collections in Fedena. Please find the detailed steps on the Fee import plugin.

First things first, When using the Fee Imports plugin to manage a student’s fee collections, the following fee collections may be listed for a student:

  • Paid and unpaid fee collections for the current batch. Paid fee collections will be disabled.
  • Fee collections created specifically for the student.
  • Unpaid fee collections for a previous batch. Once paid, the previous batch fee collections will no longer be listed.
  • Unassigned fee collections that may be applicable to the student. For example, fee collections created before the student was admitted.

To start with the process,

  • Please click the module access icon > Administration > Finance > Fees > Fee Imports.
  • Select a batch. All students in the batch are listed on the left with fee collections on the right.
  • Select or clear the check boxes to assign or un-assign fee collections for a student.

Note: A minimum of one fee collection must be assigned to a student.
Click the Assign button.

Bonus Tip:- We have a small GIF file to help you on the same.


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