5 Must Have In Online Assignment Management System

The main motive of every institute is to prepare their students for their future endeavours. This responsibility of bringing out the best in every student falls on the shoulders of the teachers who follow well-known and age-old tested methods to test their student’s mettle. Besides keeping them busy with daily homework, conducting surprise quizzes and other major tests, they also try to keep them motivated and enthusiastic about the future developments and various research topics by assigning them challenging assignments. These assignments are the test of character, alacrity and cognizance of every individual providing them with an opportunity to shine and rise above the flock.

Since this part of learning is such an important part of personal growth, it becomes essential to monitor their allotment and submission to be timely. Sometimes, due to missing classes, or due to undesired inattentiveness, these important notifications are missed which result in late submission and the poor reflection of their character on their teachers. Similarly for teachers keeping track of all the submissions is not an easy task and sometimes a few of the assignments are misplaced which again reflect towards the student’s personal record. While working on their assignments students have to follow directions and formats suggested by the teacher so it’s easier for review due to uniformity, but sometimes it also curbs their natural thinking and creativity which is supposed to be nurtured and not constrained.

With the future advancements in education and learning, this problem has been addressed specifically to allow the students to let free their minds, while their teachers can focus on verifying the claims rather than shuffling through large bundles of submitted assignments. This has also streamlined the process by making it more manageable, auditable and less time consuming while also remaining environment-friendly.

The above-discussed advancements have been designed as a tool which is popularly termed as an online assignment management system. This software is able to effectively manage processes like submissions, recordings, grading and relevant feedback. It also facilitates easy allotment from anywhere and at any time, while enabling the students to get their queries answered well in time and in a documented fashion which they can look back at in case of need.

The listed below features enhance the significance of an online assignment management system:

Users utilize the software as per their own convenience which is why it becomes necessary to designed system functional on various platforms.

In case of random spikes in system behaviour, the processes become unpredictable and therefore require maintenance. Such unpredictable behaviour is a bane of any system software, and in such cases, it should be able to easily restore the system.

The assignment submission system shall be able to bear unpredictable inputs and provide relevant responses to these inputs.

Performance deals with how fast the assignment submission system will respond to the user inputs. The system will be accessed concurrently and it is important for it to respond quickly to varying load.

System availability is of utmost importance since all the processes are time critical and could have a serious impact on someone’s academic results.

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