Why schools need online parents communication system

Why schools need online parents communication system

In a child’s life teachers and parents, involvement is quite important for their growth and development. As the teachers are a beacon of knowledge, while the parents are a medium to gain wisdom. This partnership is therefore essential in shaping a child’s life for their steady growth, which makes it necessary for their communication to be well synchronized and periodic. The parents track their pupil’s performance and provide valuable feedback to the teachers, which helps them devise means to improve a student’s track record.

Traditionally school would organise a meeting between parents and teachers to discuss a child’s performance and ways to improve it. Due to time constraints, the interaction is cut short and the message is not fully conveyed. The meeting would usually comprise of a discussion of a student’s progress report which would consume most of the time, and the remaining time went in addressing the niceties and other formalities. Sometimes, most parents are unable to attend the meetings due to their prior engagements. To overcome these hurdles and for deeper insight into their child’s activities, every school needs a communication platform. This makes the online parent’s communication system relevant to be housed in school premises.

The below-mentioned reasons highlight how the parent’s communication system helps in better student growth in the classroom:

1. Examination

An examination is a gruelling time for a student, and their parents are nervous about how their child would perform in them. To get accustomed to this tense environment, the parents get notified on their dashboard about the examination schedules and they can accordingly guide their child in preparing for the tests. They can also interact with teachers, to boost their child’s performance by getting assistance on problematic subjects.

2. Attendance

Most students try to bunk classes to either look cool in their groups or sometimes just to experience the thrill. But since this can affect their performance, parents often look for ways to track their whereabouts. Using this smart system, the parents can easily view the attendance record of their child.

3. Fee Management

For parents, fee submission has always been a daunting task since they mostly have to wait in long queues for several hours. Sometimes due to work timings, most parents don’t get enough time for submitting the fee, in those cases students have to leave their lectures affecting their education. But with the parent communication system, it is easy to submit fee online without getting annoyed with long queues.

4. Results

For mid-term exams, parents are required to sign the report card and therefore they are well informed about the results, which isn’t true for the surprise/mini classroom tests. With the result module available in the system’s dashboard screen, the parents are well-informed about their kid’s strong and weak areas.

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5. Assignments

With parents communication system, they can easily view the assignments assigned to their children and can assist them in completing the tasks. This creates a stronger bond between children and parents. They can also track the submissions and trace their kid’s performance according to the teacher’s evaluations/comments.

6. Discussion panel

It enables a two-way communication between a teacher and the parents, which usually happens either in the case of an emergency or a pre-arranged parents-teacher meeting. But with this system parents and teachers can communicate with each other anytime and from anywhere. They can easily discuss various steps they can take to improve the performance of their wards.

7. News

Parents get notified in their news box about the trending activities in schools. They are notified regarding all the upcoming events in the schools and they can prepare their child accordingly. They can also view the availability of all the new facilities, so they can book in advance.

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