Five must have in placement management system

placement management system

Complete placement management system to ameliorate the alliance reputation

Institutes is a place where students enhance their skills and learn how they can stand out in a crowd. But with ample availability of institutes, it has become difficult for students to identify a suitable institute for their career growth. There are several factors which affect the choices of institutes but sometimes placement process is the vital reason which tilts their favor towards a particular institution. Placement is not only critical aspect to attract good potential students, it also plays a vital role in waxing the reputation to serve better placements.

Industry placements directly from college provide an opportunity to hone rusty skills and apply them in practical situations. In turn, these placements help to promote the institute’s industrial image further resulting in better recruitments and accreditations. A positive image also brings in better motivated, ambitious prospective students. To obtain these great heights a smart management system is required to maintain accurate data records, placement scheduling, student notifications to stay tuned and track the placements.

The placement in institutes was usually handled by a specialized placement team, which created management issues for students while keeping track of various interested companies. During several parallel placements, miscommunication or loss of notifications was quite common which sometimes created a poor impression of either the organization or their new hires.

To smooth the system and enhance the placement experience of the students, the institutes must have a placement management system in place with the following features:

1. Manage data

Using this system, the administrators can maintain the academic information of each student such as semester results, assignments, attendance and the demographic information in a jiffy. During placements, a recruiter can easily view this information with just a click. For future references, the administrators can store the recruiter database along with student information.

2. Résumé registration

Sometimes during placements, it is quite essential to know your competition before starting to compete for an offer. With multiple recruiters lined up, an uninspired interview process due to lack of company knowledge can ruin the chance of a dream placement. This is where a smart system comes into play, using which you can easily register to only the companies you are interested in and get real-time notifications.

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3. Tracking job application

Using these students are up to date with their job application status at every stage of the placement. This also simplifies the management effort by just posting a status and all interested students are notified accordingly.

4. Notification and events

During placements, it’s quite annoying when you are running around to the placement cell just to get an updates on the activities related to placements such as checking which companies are organizing the placements and other details regarding the job offer. But with real-time notifications and alerts, getting updated is just at your fingertips either via email or other messaging services.

5. Collect uploaded résumé

Sometimes while applying for a placement résumé are lost in between and due to which some students miss their opportunities due to a faulty system. With this module available in the system, it is extremely easy to collect all the applications and forward them to the recruiters giving everybody their fair chance.

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