Effectively manage Student Enrollment Process using Student Management System

Effectively manage Student Enrollment Process using Student Management System

It’s quite exhilarating to start a new when shifting to another school in a whole new environment. Though it is an exciting time to mingle with new classmates making friends, it starts with the first step which is a tedious and exhausting enrollment process. This activity is a hassle for all the parties involved, from student to their parents and all the way to the administrative staff. This complex mechanics of a simple process is exaggerated due to age-old practices involving an extensive paperwork. These outdated practices not only create the superfluous workload for the staff but also consumes an inordinate amount of time.

The existing admission process involves various steps including registration, document verification, advance fee submission, and batch allotment. Managing so many domains parallelly is itself quite an inconvenience when you are burdened with other financial aspects of the admission process.

Traditionally process is not only time consuming for both the parties involved but also involves several interruptions, they can either be in the form of phone calls or other urgent matters at hand. This process, therefore, is quite prone to mistakes which could result in more frequent visits to rectify them. After looking at all these problems, a much needed well-structured platform becomes a necessity to maintain these tasks in a streamlined fashion. The student management system manages all the above-discussed actions, making the enrollment process a smooth experience thereby reducing the carbon footprint to a minimum.

Below we have highlighted some features of student management system to manage student enrollement process effectively:

1. Online Registration

In traditional institutions, where the process of registration was still not externalised to online websites, the weight of filling up various forms and keeping track of all the necessary documents was immense. The whole process revolved around making sure there were no fake admissions which therefore as precautionary measures involved practices which sometimes seemed rather strange. Using a wrong coloured pen to fill up your registration form could result in a rejection of the application altogether. But now we are past those painstaking days, and the whole process has become so easy that no longer registration process would leave the applicants in a confounded state.

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2. Admission Enquiry

With Enquiry feature, students/parents can easily enquire about any information regarding courses, admission fees and many other things in just a click. As admins from a single platform can have a glance on all the applications, also create multiple digital reports and keep a track on all qualified and rejected applications. It provide a seamless experience for admins, parents and students and help them in making a right decision.

2. Student Information

With all the information easily manageable online, the applicants can keep track of their registered information, and in case of any corrections submit them via email correspondence. In case of special notifications like eligibility for a scholarship, the students/parents can get alerts via email/SMS which keeps them updated with the trend.

3. Hostel Allocation

Room allocation has never been easier with effortless hostel fee collection, and detailed choices of available rooms accessible directly in the application. All the various activities and transactions can happen via the application, keeping everybody accountable and well informed in case of late submissions.

4. Fee Management

Keeping track of payment receipts and the due dates are hard enough when you’re busy with the curriculum as well. So, with the ‘Click to pay’ feature not only it is quite easy to avoid long queues but also keep track of all the payment history and scheduled payments.

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