3 secret tips from Fedena education ERP software

3 secret tips from Fedena education ERP software

The education ERP software gives a multi-campus resolution. Over a period of time, it is used in education research. There are multiple features that help you in making the work easier such as administration related work, maintaining student fees, library, dashboard, student’s online exams, generating automatic timetable and sending notifications to students, parents via email and SMS and much more.

Fedena is one of the leading education ERP software that is helping the user to make their work easier. It includes the process starting from pre-admission of students to managing fee structure to their online examination management. However, the roles provided for the users has to be evenly managed for the necessary actions to be fulfilled. the implementation of Fedena, the user gets confused in the selecting few options. We are here to help you on to solve some of the common confusing terms which many of our customers have encountered.

1. Default Fedena Dashboard and Data Palette:

Consider a scenario where the user would like to view the daily activities such as birthdays, events, examinations, discussions in the dashboard. In such cases, Fedena consists of the consolidated dashboard known as Data Palette which helps in viewing the activities within the dashlet. The user gets an insight of what all activities are happening in the institution on that day while logging in to his/her account. Also, the user can also switch the dashlet to any other date. To know more about the consolidated dashboard over here.

However, the other dashboard which the institution get by disabling data palette module is a normal dashboard in which the module icons will be visible. This one will be easier for the admin user especially to navigate core modules in fedena rather than surfing it in the menu option.

2. Accounts panel and School Admin Panel:

The Account panel will act as a key to create and add the fancies to the school. You can refer the Fedena video links to know more about the activities carried within accounts panel. This is the panel where the schools are created, SMS and Email settings, payment gateway settings are done.

However, the School admin panel is where the school details are managed such as student entries, employees entries, exams, timetable etc. The admin panel will act as per the structure of the school and the roles provided for the user. Our support portal will help you in understanding more about the configuration and implementation process.

3. Subject Association and Work Allotment:

Teachers can set the news and information about the curriculum related to their subject areas and links to learning resources. Hence, the subject association will be the basic criteria for an employee to identify the subjects handled and the actions to be carried. This can be set in various situations. When an employee has joined, a subject can be assigned immediately or even when a timetable is created the subject association can be set. Hence, the Fedena has brought 2 different option with name “Subject Association” and “Work Allotment” that does the same job. A user can opt any of the mentioned options to set the subjects. When the comparison between the two option are made the most efficient and preferable option will always be “Work allotment”. This option will allow the user to view the number of classes available for the employees as well the overall Allotment structure of the employees for the batch. This is available within Timetable module where a user can access by following the subsequent:
Breadcrumb, Menu >> Academics >> Timetable >> Work Allotment.

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