Why Fedena is the best choice for your institution?

Why Fedena is the best choice for your institution?

“The time-consuming and laborious process keeps you behind the competition”.
In this ever-progressing time, online technology is becoming a part of every industry to make things easier, more accurate and smoother. Similarly, the education industry is surrounded by various technologies and one such technology which has influenced the education sector is school management software.
In days before these software’s, students would wait in long queues for their fee submission and would consequently miss their classes. But, now with these new technologies, these practices have become obsolete. Taking this similarity further, we can have a look into the new revolutionised smart classrooms, which have not only made the educational system more accurate and objective but also brought fun back to learning.
To effectively manage the influence/contributions of stakeholders, systems like Fedena make sense. With Fedena you are empowered with 100+ modules to not only effectively manage the institutional hierarchy but also its operations. It has various features like managing inventory, pre-admissions, finance, human resource activities etc.
Listed below are some key reasons why Fedena would be a boon to your institutional management:
User-Friendly Interface:
Fedena gives you an extremely smooth experience by providing various user-friendly modules which are easy to plug in. It’s GUI (Graphical User Interface) has been designed while keeping in mind the variety of users like students and their parents, which makes the navigation effortless. So, all you’d ever need to know while operating Fedena is a basic hands-on on any computer.
Affordable Pricing:
With a low-price tag, Fedena is the cheapest ERP solution in the entire education industry. With the cheapest plan being a mere Rs 36000, it is a highly affordable solution for any educational institution.
Fee Management:
Manually managing and tracking fee for all students is an arduous and time-consuming process. Performing all these activities without a smart tool makes it not only tedious but also inefficient. Fedena’s robust engine helps students and parents pay the fee online without the hassle of long exhausting queues.
Individual accounts for parents and students:
Having a unique account per individual serves a user experience customised for their needs. Using these personalised dashboards, a student can view their attendance sheet, exam results, placements updates, new feeds, time table notifications and much more. On the other hand, parents get the ability to access their child’s grades, attendance, results, homework reports and much more to get a bird’s eye view about their ward’s performance in the institute.
Personalised account for teachers:
Children are our future, and therefore their education and growth is of paramount importance. Therefore, it is necessary to bring out the best in them by pushing them to their creative limit. With Fedena, the teachers can let loose their imaginative side by letting the software manage the tedious bits like managing assignment submissions, taking attendance etc. They can also keep the pupils more engaged by posting feeds and collecting feedback to better improve the whole learning experience.
Customised Graphical Reports:
After going through months of operations, sometimes we need to look back to move forward. Fedena provides features using which you can create reports to analyse the crests and troughs in the hectic educational journey. Using Fedena, you can generate various reports (likes student performance, attendance, employee leave, employee productivity, employee payslip, assignments, placements and much more) online, keeping the carbon footprint to a minimum making this an environment-friendly product.
Attendance/Leave management:
As we have mentioned already, maintaining attendance is a hassle which interferes with the creative experience of learning. So, by using our attendance module you can not only manage the attendance without much inconvenience, but it is also more accurate (especially without having to deal with small grids to mark attendance which is highly erroneous). All you really have to do is mark the absentees, and you are already done.
Exam Management:
You can even create your own online tests, and generate reports out of them, which makes it a whole learning tool along with just a monitoring and managing tool. This also supports various grading formats and examination schedules, to easily manage the test environments.
But, this isn’t all, Fedena has many more features which help in mitigating the work efforts and aid towards increasing your productivity for managed growth. So, go ahead and become a part of the family by embracing the power of Fedena.

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