The 7 Challenges All Email Marketers Will Face

The 7 Challenges All Email Marketers Will Face

Often as a reseller or a partner, it becomes a very difficult task to reach out to the right audience in the education market. Marketers often wonder which channels would be the best way to reach out and attract their audience. One of the most effective ones being email marketing. Here are 7 challenges that will help you prepare for your email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing can be one of the most effective modes of customer communication. However, to deliver engaging messages time and again, many marketers are forced to juggle multiple tasks, while focusing on the next campaign.

For this reason, Campaign Monitor surveyed hundreds of marketers at growing businesses to identify both their email marketing goals and challenges. The results found that most marketers face 7 similar challenges when creating marketing emails, which you learn more about in the informative infographic below.

For example, 58% of marketers stated increasing engagement rates is their company’s number one goal. While 44% of participants admitted it was also their number one challenge. Any successful email marketer will know the key to increasing customer engagement is through relevant, targeted information, which can be created through segmentation and personalization (emails with personalized subject lines can increase revenue by 760%).

Different marketers will face different challenges. Many believe customer acquisition is their number one challenge (35%), while other companies may face the hurdle of retaining customers (18%), improving email personalization (36%), or boosting brand awareness (24%).

For a company to achieve or exceed their goals, they must develop a solid email marketing strategy to overcome their marketing obstacles. Although there are many challenges to overcome, 84% of marketers would say their email effectiveness is growing, with 30% considering their email marketing strategy “best-in-class”.

Check out the infographic below to identify the biggest email marketing challenges your company may face.

email marketing blog infographic

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