Building Better Schools with School ERP Software

Building Better Schools with School ERP Software

School ERP Software can bring about institutional change

Discipline and organisation are the two tenets that form the backbone of any smoothly functioning institution. Nowhere does this hold truer than the controlled chaos that a school is. From managing the cesspool of adolescent emotions of their high school wards to ensuring that not a single ball is dropped on the administrative front, an organised school is a functional one.

It is no small responsibility – student success is dependant on the seamless running of the systems that nurture them. It is not an easy responsibility, either – the number of stakeholders to be managed, and the many small spanners that get thrown into the works, are countless.

Administrators are one of the key stakeholders and often at the forefront of the battle to manage systemic issues or problems that crop that affect the day to day functioning of the school. From the repetitive tasks that can get monotonous to the unexpected issues that crop up, the machinations of an administrative professional’s task in an educational institution are often invisible. Only when things fall apart are they given any notice and by then it is not to thank them for how hassle-free things have been so far.

Institutions that want to make the lives of their administrators a little easier would do well to invest in school ERP software. Not only is this piece of education technology a financially sound investment, it institutionalises processes, reduces labour costs and allows for things to be more universally accessible by moving away from the pen and paper days of yore.

Fragmentation of information can be the downfall of any institution, and school ERP software helps eliminate this loss of valuable know how. Knowledge transfer becomes less person independent and thus less prone to errors.

Here are some top-level tasks which an administrator can perform easily using school ERP software to build a better institution:

1. Easy Fee Collection

The generation of fee invoices and fee receipts is a time and labour intensive process, especially when one takes into account that different students are in different bands. When one adds in additional fees, scholarships or awards, and waivers or other considerations granted on an individual basis, it can get a little more than complicated. School ERP software like Fedena can help your school’s administrator’s set up rules that are personalised to each student or student group. Fee invoices and receipts are generated automatically, and parents have the ability to pay their child’s fee any time and from anywhere, even on the go through their mobile phones.

2. Easy Report Cards

Report cards are the first tenable communication between a parent and teacher about their charge’s school performance. Being able to track student progress over different time periods, for different courses, or for different competencies gives everyone a comprehensive view of how they are doing. School ERP software like Fedena allows students and parents to not only keep continuous track of their coursework and grades but allows rules to be set for how report cards appear to allow teachers to best convey how a student is performing that year.

Recap: School ERP Software to manage Report Center System

3. Easy Student Records

From class notes, coursework, assignments to disciplinary records – a student file can start to get quite cumbersome as he progresses through his education. School ERP software allows administrators to maintain vast swathes of information on every student in their school, allowing parents and teachers to keep track of the growth of a child in their school. It ensures that every student received the personalised attention they deserve, but easily – at a click of a button – instead of being yet another bright mind slipping through the cracks.

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