Fedena meets the communication system at its high!

Fedena meets the communication system at its high!


“It is not about the technology; it’s about sharing knowledge and information, communicating efficiently, building learning communities and creating a culture of professionalism in schools. These are the key responsibilities of all educational leaders”. – Marion Ginapolis.


The effective communication system for an educational institution is to strengthen the relationship between parents, students, teachers and the management. School ERPs with an inbuilt internal messaging system are widely used in schools. They represent an effective, fast, secure, no cost, and smarter yet a very underutilized communication tool for teachers, students, and parents. Internal messaging has an incredibly high open and response rate, they have sparked a revolution across academic institutions. Whether we’re talking about deadline reminders, text blasts, or emergency alerts; ERP inbuilt messaging systems represent the quickest and the most effective way of getting information across to a large group of audience.

fedena messaging school erp
Owing to the overwhelming usage of internal messaging system which is rigorously used as a fast and effective way for communicating within an institution in Fedena, we have introduced a completely revamped version of Internal messaging and notification system which we think the fans of Fedena will thoroughly enjoy.


With the new update, messages will get a more personal touch and target. The UI of the page has been made efficient which is par competent with any new age instant messaging system. Broadcast message feature allows the users to be more interactive with parents and employees in an easy way. The admin control over sending and receiving messages are roles as a Firewall!


Cool benefits of internal messaging in Fedena


  • Share latest updates on Educational events and holidays as a notification.
  • Sharing of knowledge, views and information with the parents and staff.
  • Swift and easy interaction with teachers and school management.
  • Ability to connect and stay in touch with parents and other stakeholders effectively, efficiently and effortlessly.
  • Huge sums of money are wasted on photocopying, phone bills and paper. By implementing internal messaging solutions, schools can reduce expenses and man-hours.
  • The educational market is extremely competitive and active. Schools who wish to engage and retain students consistently work to provide better visibility and improved learning systems.


How the updated messaging service to Streamline Internal academic Communications of an institution.
Notify Students of deadlines & Exam dates

Broadcast message can be used to inform students about projects, deadlines on assignments, enrollment, graduation, returning books, exam dates, and other important events.


Send Emergency & School Closing Alerts

With the help of Internal messaging  service, schools can instantly notify students and parents of emergencies, accidents or suspicious characters, or send school closing alerts.


Send Parents Meeting Reminders

You can instantly send reminders for Parents  meetings, academic meetings or events using Fedena broadcasting messaging features. This will eliminate the need for notice/info boards.


Freedom of writing

Send Awareness articles about any topic with freedom from character limits.


Student empowerment

Two-way texting(Reply enabled) services can be used to great effect to empower students and offer much-needed support.



Improved internal messaging system makes internal communication incredibly easy. Up to date.With the help of two-way text messaging, schools can keep staff members up to date with relevant news at all times.


At the top

In built Internal messaging systems are quickly becoming the number one choice for schools due to their incredible open rate, low costs, reliability, deliverbility.


Move forward and grow only with Fedena!


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