Deimos : Fedena 3.5.5

Deimos : Fedena 3.5.5

Fedena 3.5.5 codenamed Deimos is a small but important update before the mobile app release. The major change is a new messaging system within Fedena to enable quick and fast communications from the institution to teachers, learners and their guardians. This release we are dedicating to a famous educator from Germany – Friedrich Fröbel

Friedrich was born in Thuringia in 1782. He started his career as an educator in Frankfurt. After taking up many roles like live-in teacher for the children of nobles to teacher in boarding schools, he published his major literary work in 1826 called Die Menschenerziehung (The Education of Man) and founded many educational institutes in Germany and Switzerland. He coined the word ‘Kindergarten’ for the play and activity institute founded in 1837. He was the first to realize the importance of activity based learning for children. Friedrich developed play materials for children known as ‘Froebel Gifts’ which were a set of toys like softballs, building blocks etc to be given at each stage of learning.

Frobel gifts image wikipedia
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Though the concept of kindergarten was not well accepted in his home state in the early days, his students took the concept to the United States where it got adopted. The kindergarten we know today has its origins in the work of this man.

What is New in Deimos?

All New Internal Messaging System

The new messaging system comes with an improved interface and ease of use. It is designed to be a complete communication system for the institution. Designed to work with the new upcoming Fedena mobile app, institutions can use the messaging module to send out targeted information to parents and students about school events, fee dues, teachers about upcoming PTA meetings etc. All communications sent automatically from Fedena is now part of the new module – Notifications.

Fedena internal messaging screenshot image

Institutions can use broadcast message feature in messaging to send out messages in bulk to many users at once.

Fedena notification update image

The message settings feature allows institutions to control who can send messages and who can send to whom. If the institution policy does not allow students to send direct messages to other students, this option can be turned off.

Fedena screenshot school management system message image
Note: The old messages created and sent for each user before the release will be archived and available for export in the profile of that user.

Notifications System

All internal notifications from Fedena like scheduling of exams, leave approvals etc will now come under the new notifications module. This allows users to keep notifications from getting mixed up with important messages. Both the new messages and notifications modules show the unread count is shown in the menu bar.

Fedena update screenshot notification image

S3 Integration

S3 is a web service provided by Amazon that provides a simple, secure and scalable storage facility for files. The integration will ensure all your files in Fedena like Photos, student documents, attachments, certificates etc. are stored on Amazon’s servers across the world as per the S3 file system. This ensures that your files are always available within minimum time anywhere in the world.

What is Updated in Deimos?

Events Creation Module

And a lot more enhancements, catch the full release notes here.

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