Giving Enquiries a seat at the Applicant Registration table

Giving Enquiries a seat at the Applicant Registration table

With Fedena, we are relentlessly focused on two things: our product and our customers. Keeping this bond is what keeps our business alive and successful.

Thankfully, in the recent months, we have arrived at a solution for the need of enquiries for a school as well as the much-needed update the Applicant Registration module needed. We are calling it the showstopper update of 2017.

So we don’t get a Enquiries module? If that’s your first reaction, bear with us. It might sound far-fetched but the updates we will be rolling out in the next couple of weeks will completely change how the applicant registration module looks and works like presently. But we approached this with strong assertions any institution might agree with.

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Priorities: Ease of use and application is our top priority for Fedena and always will be.
Feedback Loops: Great products are solutions built by the product team as well as the customer feedback.
Perspective: Engineers, designers, product managers and customers must be on the same page about the problem.

If you agree with the above, read on to see how we approached the problem.

Journey to the embedded module – Improved Applicant Registration

Customer support turns you into a generalist. You are asked loads of questions and pulled in various different directions. By the end of the whole cycle, you are sincerely confused if you are representing customers in the next product meeting or the product. But over time you are able to sift through and become a product expert. You start studying the use of different modules, the applications of the product and it’s various modules in real time scenarios of customers, allowing you to come up with updates and changes the product/module needs to better help the users.

Recognizing the need for an enquiry module in institutions and the need to update the applicant registration module, we decided that it would be best to update the existing applicant registration module with the following updates :

Customizable Form: Apart from the bare minimum fields to admit a student, all other fields can be disabled or enabled as per requirement.
Notifications: Better notifications will be given to applicants on submitting the form, being accepted to the course or being rejected.
Internal Form Management: Fields and Custom status will be provided so that office level data can be managed. They can be configured for each course as per need and will not be visible to the applicants.
Preview and Submit: To prevent accidental submit with incorrect entries, a preview option is provided with each form.
Other changes: Select number of guardians required, improved document submission option and Instructions for applicants are some of the other planned changes.

Championing the customer

Now, these updates will help institutions in completely customizing their applicant registrations processes using Fedena and at the same time provide the much-needed enquiry module applications. This was done with careful consideration of our customer feedback, feature requests and bug reports.

The new update rolls out in a couple of weeks and we will have a new guide ready with our support team as well as our sales team for all your queries and understanding. We are still experimenting and working on a lot of new things for Fedena, stay tuned for further updates on your most trusted school management software.

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