Automating communications with your School ERP and SMS

Automating communications with your School ERP and SMS

For every school or institution, one of the most important building blocks is their communications. How admins communicate with each other, how the management is able to communicate to the faculties, how the school is able to communicate with parents and students. In this day and age of information, WhatsApp and the internet, almost everybody wants information to be communicated to them instantly without any delays. And in such a busy world how are schools to stay ahead and relevant.

SMSs keep parents & students informed about your institution. You can share urgent information about emergencies, fee collection dates, examination dates, let people know about an emergency holiday, availability of transport, or invite them to events. There are many applications to SMS services for an institution.

Let’s see a couple of use cases which are very common:

In the case of Attendance

In a class of 60 students, there are students who are absent for the day or for the first hour and need to be filtered out of the register so that an SMS can be sent individually to the each of these absent students and their parents only because you have a separate SMS vendor application. The work that needs to be done here is time-consuming and at most times isn’t a notification which goes out instantly to the parents.

attendance image

By integrating the SMS packages with Fedena, the teacher can mark the student absent in the system and an automatic SMS will be sent out to the concerned parent notifying them about the absence of their ward from the school. If the teacher doesn’t have the time or access to the system while in the class, any one of the admin staff can mark this in Fedena from the register even before the first period of the day has ended.

In the case of Cancelled Classes or Swapped Classrooms

It isn’t any more of a surprise that almost all the students in the school have a mobile device of their own. More often than not, classes in institutions keep getting cancelled, swapped out for various reasons. In colleges especially, whenever a lecture is cancelled or swapped with some other lectures, the students get to know only when they arrive. With the SMS settings in Fedena, now teachers and admins can notify students immediately of the cancellations and swaps by sending the students an SMS in time, allowing them to be prepared for the right lecture.

In the case of Emergencies

Unforeseen circumstances can demand the management of the institution to take decisions and circulate information to the students at the earliest. For example, due to a sudden rise in temperature this year the government asked schools to shut down. Informing parents and students about this emergency holiday is a matter of high priority so that their time isn’t wasted. A simple manual SMS sent using Fedena school ERP will help your institution get the message out as soon as possible and on time.

We cannot stress enough on the importance of having an SMS service for your institution. Especially if you integrate it with Fedena. Most of our clients are already benefiting with our SMS packages. Our starter pack includes 1 Lakh SMSs with unlimited validity @ only 12p/SMS.

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