5 Education Technology Gizmos You’ll Want Today!

5 Education Technology Gizmos You’ll Want Today!

Education technology that isn’t just useful, but cool too

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We’ve previously talked about why education technology is so important for learning in a diverse, changing, multi-cultural, globalised world. But let’s be super honest – all the cool new toys coming out of it are just so much fun too. Don’t act like you haven’t been mesmerised by your collaborators turning your silly thoughts into a proposal on a shared document, or haven’t sometimes caught yourself playing your child’s educational games.

Below are some of the coolest and most fun education technology toys we love:

Smart Board

Those who’ve had the opportunity to experience this uber cool product need no explanation. Somewhere between a ginormous tablet and one of those cool magic erase whiteboards we played with as kids, this product is sure to enhance the experience of every single person in the classroom – student, teacher, and administrator alike. Whether it’s sending all your free-form notes from a brainstorm session directly to your email as a PDF, or experiencing the magic of limitless imagination thanks to endless white space, we kind of want a smart board in our house – for no reason. Yeah, we’re officially fangirling education technology now.

eBeam Edge

Smart Board too out of your reach? No worries, we aren’t zillionaires either. The eBeam Edge allows you to essentially turn any whiteboard into a budget Smart Board. All you need is a projector and a computer. This seems perfect for class discussions – project a presentation, doc, or web page and let those opinions fly. The eBeam Edge allows you to mark up anything, turning it into your own virtual scrapbook. It integrates well with existing tools like Powerpoint presentations and Word documents and helps you customize your own dashboard of icons and images. Say goodbye to cramped notes in the margins of your textbooks and worksheets and hello to slick, intuitive, useful education technology.


It’s not just classrooms that are getting to play with some cool education technology. All those doodles are works of art you can save now. Research shows that physically taking notes in class aids understanding and recall of the subject matter being taught. But who has time to pore through reams of paper, when cloud computing and shareable docs have made dead tree notes so obsolete? Enter Livescribe, a notebook that records all your notes as they are and stores them for you in electronic format. It’s your buy once for life notebook. And you still get to look like a hipster artist who does things old school.

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You know those super annoying Buzzfeed quizzes that you can’t help but take? Humans seem to be addicted to self-indulgent quizzes, or maybe it’s just the rhythmic click-click-click that keeps us coming back. So why not bring this to the classroom? A funny poll can only liven up the French Revolution, right? Administer multiple choice quizzes, get quick feedback from students, and even let them liven up their presentations with this piece of education technology.

DreamBox Learning

Proficiency in mathematics in no longer just something born out of rote learning or through a combination of sweat, blood, and tears. DreamBox Learning is a platform that intelligently adapts to how any student between kindergarten and the 12th grade learns his arithmetic and algebra, and it has been found to be highly effective. It isn’t another cool new toy to play with, but this education technology platform can really help people learn to love what was once a much-feared subject. And that almost makes it cooler than some of the gizmos on this list. Hey, we said almost!

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