Fedena 3.5.4 Ganymede Is Here!

Fedena 3.5.4 Ganymede Is Here!

And it came bearing some goodies
Fedena school ERP update preview
For the last few months, we’ve been working away at building a new and improved Fedena release, and we’re proud to announce that it’s finally ready to meet you! Each release brings new features that make Fedena the school management ERP of choice, and this release is no different. Fedena 3.5.4 Ganymede promises to make life a little bit easier for students, teachers, and administrators. It is focused on exactly those small features that you don’t realise you need until they’re missing, and that addresses niggling issues that you might currently be resolving with tedious workarounds. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the updates you can look forward to:
1. Introduction of HR Leave Group– Institutions often have different leave policies based on employee position, seniority, department, and other classifications. Naturally, the leave type and leave count that applies to each of these groups varies. Fedena now allows your institution to classify employees into groups, assigning different leave types and counts to group members.
2. Revamped Applicant Registration Module​- Fedena’s new revamped application registration module contains all the features schools want, making it the most personalisable experience to date. The updated module allows you to customize fields, create custom statuses and provides an improved user experience, along with many other changes.
3. Improved Fee Reporting – ​Fee payment is an arduous experience for both administrators and parents. Fedena had previously eliminated several of the cumbersome processes and long queues that plagued this process, and it continues to do so, by setting up a financial reporting system that is easy to parse. Reality can’t be denied – fees don’t always apply smoothly across the board. Parents are often able to only make partial payments, students incur fines, or earn discounts. All these details are now reflected in finance reports making it more accurate than ever before.
4. Discipline Complaint Records – ​It’s not just administrators that are benefiting with the new release. Whether it is discipline complaints reported by teachers or against them, Fedena lets you maintain a detailed ongoing record. This record is also searchable by username or by the name of the complaint, allowing for easy tracking and retrieval of disciplinary complaints.
5. Symbol Support in Admission Number -​ And finally, a small, but much-needed update. Fedena now supports the “/” symbol in the admission number, further enabling going paperless in your institution.
Ganymede will be out in a couple of weeks ​- so mark your calendars to remember when you can begin breathing easy. The intuitive updates promised in the new release will make school management less stressful than ever before.

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