Winning Over Exam Stress

Winning Over Exam Stress

Learning technology can help make your exams go by better

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Exam season is in full swing as evidenced by the thrum of nervous energy running through every school and house that has a student writing a board exam or entrance test this year. From revision techniques to tactical strategies on how to approach a paper everyone, from the school principal to the local sabjiwala, has advice. They promise their exam horror story contains that one lesson that is going to help you crack this exam, but as every student – current and former – can remember, nothing anyone says seems to matter.

Exam anxiety is its own special kind of hell. While the student bears the brunt of it, one can’t discount the pressure every family and school goes through during this time – exams are equal opportunity stressors.

But vanquishing the demon that is exam related stress is a journey every student must take alone. It is the first big real-world challenge most of them will face. This doesn’t mean teachers and parents can’t help along the way. Every Luke needs his Han Solo, every Frodo his Sam, and every student all the support to make the process a little less burdensome. Classroom technology can be one of the most useful tools in our arsenal during this time.

So, how can students, parents, and teachers make the best use of them?

Getting organised

Nothing motivates you to suddenly index and colour code all your study material than an exam the next day. Finding that one scrap of paper you once jotted down some notes on while bored out of your mind in class can make or break your exam. Organising all your textbooks, assignments, previous exam papers and notes is what one’s future professional success hinges on – or at least that’s what we tell ourselves.

These minor obsessions are just excuses to avoid dealing with the overwhelming sense of doom we feel when we are confronted by the scale of study materials we have at our disposal. But getting bogged down by the minutiae of collating this material is just transference of exam anxiety – and a waste of time. Fedena helps create a repository of assignments, exams, notes, and group discussions throughout the school year that students can easily access whilst revising. No more mucking about figuring out the perfect organisation system after finding every single bit of info you might have jotted down. Let technology do the organisation for you, while you focus on what’s important – effective studying.

Building an empathetic community

The Uroboros of studying and revising during exam time can be oppressive to the say the least. Taking a break to get some fresh air, zone out in front of the TV, or even have a chat with someone that doesn’t involve the question, “So how are revisions going?” is vital. The tenacity to keep going over weeks of study break and exam can break anyone – where does one find the motivation to keep going? Setting up study groups can be a solution that addresses both these issues. Having deadlines and concrete goals to work towards with friends makes students feel less isolated. It also gives them an opportunity to discuss their anxieties with someone who can truly empathise. Smart classrooms extend beyond just the four walls of a physical classroom, and so does the support.

Providing round-the-clock support

Fedena allows teachers to give their students personalised support remotely. Even during study breaks, teachers can connect with students one-on-one. Whether it be answering a last minute doubt sending a student into a panic, or providing mental support to a fatigued child, Fedena’s personalised messaging system allows teachers to connect with students, parents, and administrators – allowing all of them to work together to help a child triumph during the first big challenge in their life.

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