Styx : Fedena 3.5.3

Styx : Fedena 3.5.3

Fedena 3.5.3 is live for our users around the world. This release comes with a new mode to calculate Loss of Pay in HR, Timetable PDF changes, a common sorting setting for all examination pages and a lot of small but useful changes. We are dedicating this release to a very famous Mathematics teacher from not very long ago. Jaime Escalante was born in La Paz, Bolivia in 1931 and started teaching there before moving to the United States in the1970s.
Photo of Escalante
He started teaching at the James A Garfield High School, Los Angeles which had many Hispanic students of working class parents who were below their grade levels in terms of academic skills. He was determined to bring these children up in Mathematics and offered to teach AP Calculus. Changing the status quo was not easy and he faced a lot of criticism from the school authorities who complained he was coming early and staying late without permission. Not deterred by this, he continued teaching them advanced math and even proposed dropping the number of basic math classes. Eventually, he took his first calculus class and with the help of fellow teacher taught AP calculus to 5 students, two of whom passed. By 1981 this number increased to 14 out of a class of 15.
His popularity and success grew to such an extent that his students making it to the University of South California outnumbering the students from all schools in the East Los Angeles region combined. The life of Jaime Escalante was featured in the 1988 book Escalante: The Best Teacher in America and the 1988 Oscar nominated film Stand and Deliver. We leave you with a famous clip from the movie:

What’s new in Styx?
1. Loss of Pay Calculation mode
2. Examination Student sorting control
3. Feature access settings for Parent accounts
4. Notifications of Timetable swaps and cancel
What’s updated in Styx?
1. Generate receipts for pay all fees.
2. Partial payments can be done via online payments.
3. Pay all fees can now come with a default number and this can be changed when a partial payment is being done.
4. The Timetable format has changed to accommodate the entire batch on one single page.
5. Library data can now be exported using a CSV with additional data.
6. Transport module has been updated with reports specific to batches, courses, and routes.
7. The UI for student reports center has been updated for ease of use and access.
There have also been a number of issues fixed in this release, you can find them in the Fedena 3.5.3 Release notes.
Loss of Pay Calculation mode
A new Loss of Pay (LOP) calculation mode – Deduct LOP from Payroll categories has been added to Payroll calculation. This mode allows deduction of LOP from one or more payroll categories instead of a direct deduction. For example:
Let’s consider a simple salary structure. The Basic Salary is 10,000 and Tax is 20% of Basic Salary. If the total working days are 20 and the employee having no leave takes 2 LOP days. The LOP can be configured in two ways now:
As a direct deduction
LOP is 1000
Basic Salary = 10,000
Tax = 2000
Loss of Pay = 1000
Net Salary = 7000
As a deduction from Payroll Categories
LOP = 1000
New Basic = 10000-1000 = 9000
Tax = 1,800
Net Salary = 7,200
While in Fedena you can find the option under payroll calculations, here’s a screenshot of the update.
LOPA feature in Fedena screenshot
Notifications for Timetable Swapping & Cancelling
The timetable is the one document which holds power over all your teachers, students, and your school. It’s the one document which sets the pace for the whole academic year. In most schools and institutions the timetable is a dynamic document as it depends on the availability of teachers. Keeping this in mind, last time we had released a new feature of automatic timetabling and the ability to swap classes in the timetable to fill the unavailability of any teacher. With your feedback we realized that a notification when the swap occurs or a cancelation of a period occurs seemed to be highly important to reduce the confusion created in the school. We have added an automatic notification which goes out to teachers as well as students when a swap or a cancel is done in the timetable for the day, giving the information immediately to everybody involved with the class. The feature looks something like this:
Fedena timetable swap screenshot
What’s coming up?
Our team is already working on a host of new features that will enhance your experience with Fedena. A mobile application for admins, students and parents is getting rigged in our workshop. The features you have requested will soon be live in Fedena, the number one school management system.

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