Why having school ERP with a Discussion Module?

Why having school ERP with a Discussion Module?

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Community building is a very important aspect of schools in every society. Back in the day, when computers and smartphones weren’t available students, teachers and staff held discussions in classrooms, the school hallways, and whenever you would come across the right person to express your ideas, problems and solutions to. The introduction of the internet, computers, and smartphones has completely changed this landscape.

Now students, teachers, and staff use social media, messengers and various other online platforms to engage and find community. Making it very important for a school to build a community for their staff, teachers, parents and students. Building an online portal just for building a community, having a discussion board also involves a lot of technical development and investment.

But, what if you didn’t need to build anything or invest extra in a software which helps you maintain your school’s community?

School ERP with a Discussion module

Online discussion forums continue to provide an ideal place for expressing ideas and understanding problems. A controlled discussion forum in a school ERP helps schools in opening new spaces for students and teachers to share their suggestions, knowledge and build a thriving school community.

  1. The Discussion module should provide a platform which enables students, teachers, and staff to interact and exchange ideas, discuss grievances.
  2. Admins should be able to decide who takes part in which discussion.
  3. When a staff/teacher gets the privilege to be a part of the discussion he/she can view the post and comments. Post comments to continue the discussion.

There are many advantages which accompany an online forum or discussion module,

Advantages of having an online discussion platform:

    1. Can reduce the amount of time taken by the teacher while taking initiatives for a meeting. For example, when a teacher is planning to arrange a meeting for discussing the upcoming sports meet, he/she has to undertake the cumbersome effort of informing all participants, arrange a room, fix a timing that is suitable for all the participants etc. If the school ERP comes with a discussion module, all of these can be done by just logging in and creating a discussion in the ERP and the participants will be notified and an event will be created as well.
    2. Shy students get more of a chance to raise their suggestions in discussions. In most offline meetings and discussions the number of participants is only limited to students who are comfortable addressing a crowd. To bring in everybody’s opinion online discussions help students with coming forward and sharing ideas and problems.
    3. Encourages reflection and deeper thinking. Since online discussion forums provide enough time for understanding the opinion of different participants, discussions are done more effectively.
    4. Posts and comments will be available for all participants. If we plan to conduct discussions with certain participants, there is a chance that some of the employees will not be able to participate in the discussion in the given time. In the case of an online discussion, the contents of the discussion will be available all the time.
    5. Documentation of discussions. It is very common to forget what was discussed in a meeting if you weren’t making a note of it. A discussion plugin/platform helps with that too, once the discussion is being done online, every little detail is documented to the last dot.
    6. Easily Avoid ‘No time’ problem. Since discussions can be done using a PC or your mobile on the school ERP, participants can post their inputs at any time. This helps in having multiple discussions on multiple topics over everybody’s free time, which in turn keeps the school connected.
    7. Community Building Forums provide a very good space to create a meaningful relationship between students and teachers. Students get motivated when their ideas are accepted among peers as well as teachers and vice versa.

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Online Discussions in schools are offering all the students and teachers to get to know each other without conducting a face to face meeting. Even though social media platforms provide space for discussing, it is not suitable for an educational environment. Educational communities need centrally controlled discussions and have to make sure that there are no unwanted comments.

Does your ERP come with a discussion module? If it doesn’t, it’s time to change to Fedena.

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