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The tracking of every activity in schools or institutions is not an easy task especially when it’s done manually. All activities that are associated with the school should be tracked and logs need to be maintained as it helps in understanding how the school can optimize and grow.
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Especially when the school management moves to an internet platform, the manual intervention of activities gets heavily restricted. A track of all log activities needs to be maintained, to check how the users are performing in different departments like finance activities, managing user accounts and scheduling or deleting activities.
The Fedena audit plugin helps in logging all activities your users (employees, students, parents) perform, what time they are performed, and what data they have accessed or tried accessing.
The audit plugin tracks the following activities in three different categories:

    Activity Audit: Tracks the user activities depending on the user role and assigned privileges such as creating and viewing timetable, creating, editing, and approving or rejecting an employee payslip, Adding an event in the calendar etc
    Data Audit: Tracks the employee activities depending on the assigned privileges such as Archiving a student, Creating or deleting or reversing a finance transaction, Creating, editing, or deleting an exam group etc.
    User Audit: Tracks the user activities such as logging in and logging out of the application, Viewing the attendance register etc.

There are various scenarios where the Audit plugin has helped us in sorting confusions on data discrepancy.
Once such scenario was when one of the school was worried about the student information been changed without being notified to the admin. Since these days most of the software runs under a SAAS platform, they do not get the access to the log at their side.
However, with the introduction of the audit plugin, the user activities can be tracked and we were able to find out the reason how the changes was reflected in the student profile.
The main advantage of the audit plugin is highlighted when it comes to managing financial transactions. Most schools and institutions face a discrepancy while collecting various fees from their students and find it incredibly difficult to keep a track of which student has paid which fees. With student numbers only increasing in schools, it is also becoming increasingly difficult to maintain these records physically or using financial tools like Tally since they do not involve tracking payments to specific users in your system.
As Fedena allows fees to be tracked to specific student profiles as well as teacher profiles. The audit plugin clearly tracks all activities each user performs when it comes to transactions. The information on scheduling fee collection, collecting fees and reverting the fee collected is listed in log. Our customers have come back to us and have always expressed the immense amount of value the audit plugin has brought to them purely because it maintains a log of all actions being performed in Fedena and because of this very simple but powerful feature of Fedena, our customers have always located and removed mismatched fee collections and had a clean financial record to save up to 56% of their finances year on year.
Fedena is a powerful school ERP which puts the user first. What are you waiting for? Stop losing money because of bad records and mismanaged documents.

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