Fedena 3.5.3 : Styx – What to expect from your favorite school management system

Fedena 3.5.3 : Styx – What to expect from your favorite school management system

Just like how restrictions are important for creativity, hurdles are important in giving us directions in where to go and what to jump over.
Fedena Styx preview image
The very first update to Fedena in 2017 is almost ready to ship out. We’ve been busy making important changes to Fedena and making things easier for your school management. With Fedena 3.5.3 we are bringing small but important changes requested by you. The updates are centered around reports from various modules, outward communications for schools as well as a few new exporting options along with notifications which matter.
Fedena 3.5.3 – Styx: Preview
Here’s a sneak preview of what’s upcoming in the latest update

    Examination reports & mark entries get a setting for sorting by type: Roll numbers, Admission numbers, Names.
    Class swaps and Cancellations now send notifications to all concerned parties.
    A new loss of pay calculation mode is being added to Fedena
    The Timetable’s PDF style has been updated with period names and resized to fit within one page.
    Performing the pay all fees action now generates only a single receipt and SMS
    Admins can now control which features can be accessed by students and teachers.
    Brand new Transport reports
    Library books data can now be exported with additional details.


Styx will be out in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned for further updates from your favorite school management system, Fedena.

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