7 Life saving tips for your Fedena account

7 Life saving tips for your Fedena account

Every school ERP implementation boils down to the same old thing- “The correctness of the data”. The more concise the data in the ERP the better it performs. And just like the way the human brain implements knowledge acquired from vicarious training, school ERPs take data and give you insights you need the most.
Having understood the relation between ERP and data, the school admins try a lot of different things to get the best out of ERPs used in schools. If you are the school admin, you never know which report you may be asked in the next meeting with your school management. So here at the support wing of Fedena, we make things simpler by giving our users tips and tricks for a successful implementation in all of our customer interactions.
Here are 7 such life-saving Fedena hacks which go unnoticed at times, but can really help you in making your job easier

  1. Imagine a Scenario, when you are asked to re-assign user Privileges of all your employees at a go in the next hour. All you need to do is make use of the Bulk edit feature of Fedena by merely entering the employee usernames and entering NULL for the respective privileges in your CSV file before clicking Bulk edit next to your Export in the Custom Import module.

  3. It is often observed that while printing the Fee receipts in the Schools, the schools spend a hefty amount on A4 size papers. Needless to say, Fedena offers an A5 mode to print these Fee receipts. And how do you get an A5 size paper? Just cut your Regular A4 size paper into two equally sizes while in portrait mode. Since A5 size is exactly the half of that of A4, this can cut the cost of printing Fee Receipts by half. Stop wasting paper and start saving trees (and money).

  5. In an Institution with a healthy number of students and elective subjects, it becomes difficult to track students who have opted for a particular elective subject. In such a case, the subject details in Data and Reports from Home > Reports > Subject comes to the rescue. The user can select the batch and proceed to check the option elective subjects to get the exact number of students enrolled in the subject.

  7. We all know, how the allocation of Labs are managed in our Institutions. For instance, when group A has Physics lab on Tuesday, group B of the same batch can have Chemistry for the same period and vice versa on some other day of the week. In such cases, the elective group options help you in managing this while setting up timetables for the batch. Please follow our detailed article on this to know more.

  9. The Fees counter of the schools have always been on the radar of the finance department in the institution from the beginning. It is one of the daily chores of the cashier to let the department know the total cash collected for the day. In such cases, the cashier can opt to use the Finance receipts option from Home > Finance > Finance Reports > Fee Receipts > Advanced Search and select the relevant cashier name to extract the CSV file containing the payments receipts generated for the day. Can it get any simpler?

  11. The Teachers often ask the students to visit a particular website of educational significance for a detailed research. Just consider how easy it would be for the users, if students visit Fedena and the website of the day is already on the Appframe section from Home > App Frames. Click here to set it up for your students.

  13. Now comes the uber-hack among the ones mentioned above- the Advanced payslip reports. The Finance Department asks you a report of the total money outflow towards employee Payslips. We do understand searching each and every individual employee records for the Payslips can be a really tough task and hence, we have included the exhaustive Payslip reports in our latest release which is accessible from Home > HR > Payroll and Payslip Management > Advanced Payslip Reports

So, Sign up for a quick Fedena demo here to see how this happens in real time scenarios. You can thank us later.

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