Effectively using Forms in school ERP system

Effectively using Forms in school ERP system

When we talk about the growth of schools and institutions, at most times we stop at just increasing the number of students, quality of education imparted, and improvement of grades. But what we fail to see is that schools just like all other organizations have tremendous opportunities to grow in every aspect. Especially in areas such as Parent-school communications, teacher satisfaction, faculty growth, admin satisfaction, curriculum relevancy etc. Most of these are achieved through strong feedback process cycles and to strengthen these processes a school ERP helps tremendously.

forms in fedena school erp

Every school ERP mostly comes with Feedback forms, survey forms in a manner of plugins or features. (If yours doesn’t, we suggest you immediately contact us to help you strengthen your processes and grow) These forms are the best way to setup feedback processes with teachers, admins, parents, students alike to get a better understanding of the people running your institution.

Set smarter goals and track your school’s progress

Sometimes you can only understand what your survey results really mean when you put them in context. You can gain perspective on where your school stands.
For example, you might find 47% of parents are satisfied with the school’s programs. Is that high? Is that low? You won’t know until you compare those results to other schools. Then you can highlight your strengths and define areas that need more focus.

Let’s take the Fedena Forms Plugin and see how it helps you track your school’s progress

Use Cases:

  1. Forms can measure Teachers and employees satisfaction at school
  2. Forms can also be used for student evaluations, problems, and suggestions
  3. Forms can help learn about teachers overall school experience and find out how they enjoy working at the school
  4. Forms allow schools to get parents’ feedback on utilities in the school.

Let’s take a few example cases as to how we think schools could be using the Forms plugin in our school ERP

Use Case 1:

The school management has decided to introduce a Teacher’s welfare fund programme with the mutual participation of all teachers and school management. Since the idea came from management, the success of this programme will depend on the decision of both parties, the school as well as its management. Before starting the discussion the school management can collect primary data by creating a survey template in Fedena by including the survey questions to grab the individual interest of such programme. In this, the management can get a tabular form of data in excel/table for the in-depth analysis of faculty involvement.

There is absolutely no need in disrupting class timings just to discuss starting the programme. This makes the complete process hassle free, collects information from teachers at their leisure and provides you a complete analysis of every faculty’s opinion as well as the school’s opinion about the Welfare fund programme.

Data analysis. ✓
Minimum participation time. ✓
Data Collection from the appropriate targeted audience, ✓
Freedom to express every individual’s opinion. ✓

Use Case 2:

The school management and teachers council has decided to give IELTS/TOEFL training programme to the students in order to increase the opportunity to get a better higher education abroad. Even though the idea is really good and acceptable, the management is finding it hard to take the decision without the parents’ consent and cooperation. The final exams are due and time is essential for teachers. They won’t be able to spare a whole day in arranging a parents meeting to initiate the project. If this project gets implemented before the final exams this would give a competitive edge to the students as well as the school. Generally, one would collect the opinions from parents by using some online survey forms or emails etc. But by using these the user participation would be less and due to nonuniformity and unfamiliarity of survey tools, more time would be wasted in making such a survey.

Here is where Fedena forms come in handy for collecting data from parents easily without wasting much of anybody’s time. What’s more, you already have every parent’s details in Fedena already, so all you need to do is make a form and use the internal messaging/notification system to notify them and voila, you have an instant approval rating for your new training programme.

Time management. ✓
Data collection. ✓
Ease of Use. ✓

Each school survey covers a different aspect of education—from parent engagement to student demographics—and can give anybody in your school a way to give feedback that’ll help you make targeted improvements to your school.

You can give students an anonymous, easy way to tell you their troubles. can use to find out whether your school has a problem, gauge its severity, and give victims an option to identify themselves.

For teachers, it can be helpful to understand how parents feel about their child’s education and school. What’s the right teaching style for their children? How often do they help their kids with homework? Are their children fitting in at school?

Find out the answers to these questions and to help teachers and administrators understand parent efficacy and whether or not students’ education continues outside of the classroom.

Get Smart. Get Fedena.

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