Nix : Fedena 3.5.2

Nix : Fedena 3.5.2

Fedena 3.5.2, codenamed Nix has released to our users across the world. From the Automatic Timetable generator to Transfer Certificate generator there are many exciting features to forward to this time. We are also continuing our practise of naming a release after a famous teacher. We often hear about people who went on to do great things and changed the lives of many around them. What we don’t hear often is the story of the people behind them who realized their potential and moulded them from a young age. In this release, we introduce you to such one teacher — Anne Sullivan.


By the age of ten, Helen Keller had become proficient in reading braille and in manual sign language. Now she wished to learn to speak, Anne Sullivan took her to the Horace Mann School for the deaf in Boston. After attending speech classes Helen was still never satisfied with her speech. To help with this Anne adopted the Tad-Oma method where the learner touches the cheek of the teacher to understand the vocal vibrations. Under her guidance, Keller reached new heights and became the first to get a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1904.



Watch the video of the famous event from Helen Keller’s life on how Anne Sullivan taught the blind and deaf girl about the existence of language to name items without Helen Keller hearing or seeing it. (Movie – The Miracle Worker (1962))


Anne Sullivan’s life is comparable to many of the teachers who have taught us. While many of their students go on to become famous and achieve great things in life, they continue their work of imparting education without expecting fame or recognition in return. We dedicate this version of Fedena 3.5.2 to Anne and the countless teachers like her who work behind the scenes.

Fedena 3.5.2 School ERP update
What’s New in Nix?


  1. Automatic Timetable Generator
  2. Transfer Certificate Generator
  3. Advanced Payslips Reports
  4. Payroll Calculation mode
  5. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation ( CCE )
  6. Saving Student Documents
  7. Greek language option


What’s updated in Nix?


  1. Ability to cancel classes in the timetable
  2. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation ( CCE )
  3. Batchwise payments of Fees
  4. Partial payments for Hostels & Transports
  5. Option to pay all fees through online portal
  6. CSV export options for Fee Receipts
  7. Print option for student remarks
  8. Footnote in Payslip reports


And a lot of other fixes; Here is the full list of them in our release notes.


Payroll Calculation mode


A new custom mode is added in payroll settings of the HR module. Using this the payroll of an employee can be calculated without knowing the gross salary. The existing method of salary calculation is now known as gross based payroll. The new mode is useful for institutions where the payroll of an employee is directly or indirectly dependent on a couple of payroll categories.


Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation


A new mode to select how co-scholastic remarks appear in the report card. Your institution can select Choose from remarks set which allows the creation of custom remarks for each observation or auto populate remarks which generate the remarks from a list of descriptive indicators of the observation.


New Detailed FA report which shows the marks for each descriptive indicator of the selected FA.


New student wise FA report which gives report cards for each selected FA. The reports can be published and accessed from student and parent profiles.


Transfer Certificate Generator


This new feature allows the institution to create a customized template and generates transfer certificates using this template. The fields for the certificate can be selected from system fields or

custom fields as per the institution’s requirement. Read more about it here



Automatic Timetable Generator


The automatic timetable generator is a new plugin that creates timetables based on the constraints and conditions defined for a batch or subject. Read more about it on our blog.


Here’s a look at it in action:

View post on


Saving student documents


The student attachments feature provides a repository to save documents related to a student. These documents can be added to categories. There are two predefined categories – default which is present in all schools and registration documents which are documents saved from applicant registration module.

Fedena is now available in Greek, bringing the total count of languages Fedena is available in, to 23. 


Sneak preview of what’s coming up!


Our team is already working on a host of new features that will enhance your experience with Fedena. A mobile application for admins, students and parents is getting rigged in our workshop. The features you have requested will soon be live in Fedena, the number one school management system.


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