Nix : Fedena 3.5.2 Release Notes

Nix : Fedena 3.5.2 Release Notes

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What’s new in Fedena

Here is the list of new features included with this release of Fedena 3.5.2

Feature Description User Role Module
Payroll Calculation Mode A new custom mode is added in payroll settings of the HR module. Using this the payroll of an employee can be calculated without knowing the gross salary. The existing method of salary calculation is now known as gross based payroll. The new mode is useful for institutions where the payroll of an employee is directly or indirectly dependent on a couple of payroll categories. Administrator, Privileged Employee Human Resources
Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) New mode to select how co-scholastic remarks appear in the report card. Your institution can select Choose from remarks set which allows to create custom remarks for each observation or Auto populate the remarks which creates the remarks from list of descriptive indicators of the observation. New Detailed FA report which shows the marks for each descriptive indicator of the selected FA.  New student wise FA report which gives report cards for each selected FA. The reports can be published and accessed from student and parent profiles. Administrator, Privileged Employee,


(only detailed FA report)

Transfer Certificate


This new feature allows the institution to create a customized template and generate transfer certificates using this template. The fields for the certificate can be selected from system fields or custom fields as per the institutions requirement. Administrator, Privileged Employee Transfer Certificate


Feature    Description User Role Module
Automatic Timetable Generator The automatic timetable generator is a new plugin that creates timetables based on the constraints and conditions defined for a batch or subject. Administrator, Privileged Employee Timetable
Student Documents The student attachments feature provides a repository to save documents related to a student. These documents can be added to categories. There are two predefined categories – default are documents saved from applicant registration module. Administrator, Privileged Employee Student
Advanced Payslip Reports This new feature provides many predefined payslip reports that institutions can use for different purposes. These inbuilt reports can be customized and saved as a template for later use. Administrator, Privileged
Human Resources
Greek Language Greek language has been added as the 23rd Language in Fedena. All users


What’s enhanced in Fedena

Here is the list of enhanced features included with this release of Fedena 3.5.2

Feature Description User Role Module
Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) FA mark entry page is redesigned now to show all students in a
single list. CCE subject wise report has option to show all subjects for the batch in one report.
Administrator, Privileged Employee Examination


Partial payment in hostel and transport Partial payment in hostel and transport fees. Administrator, Privileged Employee Hostel, Transport
Pay all fees batchwise Pay all fees now has a batch selector also along with the existing student search field. Administrator, Privileged
Partial Payment and Pay all fees in Online Pay Partial payment and Pay all fees options now available in online
Student, Parent Online Payment
CSV export in Fee Receipts The Fee receipts page now has an option to export the result as a
CSV file.
Administrator, Privileged
 Father and Mother as predefined relations  Father and Mother are predefined relations in the Guardian Addition page. For adding other relations a text field is provided.  Administrator, Privileged
Print option for Student Remarks Student remarks can be printed as PDF and CSV reports. Administrator, Privileged Employee  Remarks
Cancel class in Timetable  In swap timetable, this new feature allows your institution to cancel a class if it is not being conducted on a particular day. Institutions using subject wise attendance will have that particular class deducted from the total working days. Administrator, Privileged Employee  Timetable
Footnote in Payslip Report Payslip settings now has an option to add a footnote. The footnote text can be configured by the institution. Administrator, Privileged Employee Human Resources
Miscellaneous The position due and total columns in the Batch-wise reports and fee collection wise reports have been shifted to the last. Fee defaulters list shows the name of the current batch of the student Administrator, Privileged Employee Finance


Issues Fixed
Here is the list of issues fixed in this release of Fedena 3.5.2
Applicant Registration

  • Additional details in applicant registration form not sorted as per the order it is given
  • Show first name before last name in applicant view page


  • Unable to mark attendance for elective subject
  • Unable to mark attendance of swapped subject
  • Attendance report filter details not showing in CSV report

Custom Import

  • Unable to edit student attendance using dd-mm-yyyy date format
  • Unable to upload marks for batch wise grading levels

Custom Report

  • Custom report CSV with more than one guardian per student is not sortable


  • Show only the subjects assigned to a student from the elective group in CCE student wise report card
  • Order of co-scholastic items in CCE report is incorrect
  • Remove validation in CCE of having atleast one FA group to be assigned to a batch
  • Permission issue in ICSE transcript report
  • ASL marks of summative exam not showing in CCE consolidated report
  • No Sorting in subject wise report
  • Rounding off inconsistent in CCE reports
  • Style issue in CCE consolidated report if there are many subjects
  • Prevent deletion of descriptive indicators if marks are entered

Fedena Main Account

  • Uppercase and lowercase domains are treated differently leading to duplicate domains


  • Issue when selecting the payment mode ‘others’
  • Pay all fees taking the latest fee collection slab instead of the one fee collection was created in
  • Payment failing in pay all fees if receipt number sequence is numeric only
  • Timezone compatibility problem in expense creation page
  • Fee submission for each student search does not take spaces in name
  • Fine getting applied before due date
  • Fee receipt number search works in the selected date range only, not across all fees
  • Fee submission: Revert transaction button to be disabled when fees is already refunded in pay all fees page
  • Back date fine collection not allowed in Batchwise Fee submission page



  • Middle name not shown in the list selected recipients of the form

Google Drive

  • Some file types uploaded are not recognized and saved as archive files


  • No of rooms shown in hostel view page is wrong

Human Resources

  • Payroll category: Not possible to delete the payroll category
  • Employee edit: Style breaks on increasing size of experience info textarea


  • Increase previous year range in Inventory to 30 years
  • Add flash message in supplier PDF report if there is no result to show
  • After editing/paying an invoice, print button not showing in the flash message
  • Add star (*) for mandatory field in invoice new and edit pages


  • Additional field in Library not getting uploaded through Custom Import
  • Library movement log CSV shows only the details of the first page



  • Placements should be sorted in descending order by created date


  • Reminder task aborting when incorrect email settings entered


  • Adding emails with extension ‘online’ is not accepted
  • Different User Interface for students and admin for elective subject selection
  • Show students name in alphabetical order in batch details page


  • No sorting in student records
  • Breadcrumb missing in student recent exam page for user with student view privilege
  • Student archive is not possible if any finance transactions are reverted for the student


  • Employee association page from timetable does not show selected batches by default
  • Incorrect start day of week in teacher timetable report
  • Incorrect start day of week in timetable PDF report


  • Transport Fee Collection dates do not get updated with updated route fares
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