Managing Student Records in a School Management System

Managing Student Records in a School Management System

People often ask what is the need for a school management software, when schools can be managed with existing systems and what is the value added to the learning process. It was Winston Churchill who said,

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”

There is no change without a struggle, it is easier to continue with the pre-existing system just because there is no challenge in running them.

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However, the substantial challenge with student records is keeping them relevant as time progresses. Another unaddressed issue with pre-existing systems is the time and resources consumed in recording and maintaining student records.

A student’s educational journey has always been mapped with his/her academic achievements, extra-curricular achievements, and well-being. Most of these records are useful for a relatively long period of time and need to be relevant even after students have completed their educational journey. This is precisely why the student records module in Fedena or any school management system is immensely significant in recording and maintaining a student’s educational journey in an organized manner.

Let’s see how to manage Student Records using School Management System:

The Student Records module in Fedena can be used to record and store all details about a student. Details like health records, extracurricular activities, or any other information that is a milestone in the student’s growth. For example, institutions can continuously record and track the immunizations students have received throughout every academic career. These records are attached to a student’s profile so the information is easily accessible when required.

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Consider this scenario, there is a general health check-up drive in the school and the last recorded health status of students is required. Normally this would involve the admin staff (non-teaching staff) to sift through all the physical records being stored to get out all the records of every batch and class in the school or finding the right excel sheet stored in the school’s admin computer. If the school were to have a school management system, the staff just needs to head over to the student records in the system and generate reports of the existing student health details.

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Employing a school management system with a student records module also helps in keeping all formal documents of students that substantiate past education records, identification papers of students, and extracurricular achievements.

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Sometimes the reports required or data to be stored could be different from what any system has to offer. The input for such records can be chosen based on the type of information that is being recorded. Like:

• Single line text
• Multi-line text
• Multiple options.
• Date
• File attachment

The student records module is vital when it comes to detailed CCE examination reports that include health status, self-awareness records, academic performance, and extracurricular achievements. What is notable in such a system is that it reduces the time taken to retrieve data from either a few students or a full class or students. All though we discourage printing unnecessary reports, these details can also be directly printed using the same system, without having to check for formatting or using another application.

The benefits of employing a school ERP for a school are endless, especially when student records can be simplified to such an extent that they are available at a click of a button. Fedena is a constantly evolving school management system which is built on keeping schools’ processes and admin roles in mind.

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