Managing Discipline in Schools

Managing Discipline in Schools

Discipline is a crucial factor in the overall development lifecycle of a student(be it at school or college level). Till the age of 16-17, children spend a majority of their time at schools rather than at home, hence the process of disciplining school children becomes very important in providing them a safe and comfortable learning environment as well as building their character.

Managing discipline and disciplinary actions have always been identified as a serious problem in any educational system. Establishing an effective discipline and behaviour management system within an institution isn’t always easy as it has to consider the opinions of students, teachers, administration and other related departments while making the final decision.

Teachers are mostly held responsible for not handling students’ behaviour and discipline but we often fail to realize that they are most affected by the institution’s process of managing school discipline as it inhibits the teaching process.

The discipline module in Fedena (Academics<<Discipline) was built with the intention of making life easier for the teachers as well as the staff responsible for managing the school’s disciplinary actions. The basic functions of the module keep a track of complaints received and decisions taken.

discipline module

Assigning school heads to take necessary actions on any disciplinary issues of students, providing a channel to communicate these issues with parents become easier once a school management system incorporates such a module. Helping parents always keep an eye on their ward’s discipline and behaviour at school.

All complaints are updated on respective student profiles for a quick look. The status can be updated as solved, once the final decision or action has been taken on the student’s complaint or the complaint against the student. You can view the list of all registered complaints or discipline issues whenever required by just heading over to the discipline module. A complete description of the incident, who was part of the discipline, who complained, to whom it was complained against, all these details can be updated and stored. A search based on the status of the complaint (Solved or Pending) is also available in the module.

Let’s have a look at how you can set up a process for disciplinary actions in your school using Fedena:

Creating a disciplinary issue

  1. Head over to the discipline module under ‘Academics’.
  2. To enter a new complaint, start with a title for the complaint.
  3. In the description, the details of the incident reported can be filled in.
  4. Decide on a suitable date for the trial and choose it in the date box.
  5. Search for the student/employee who has registered or wants to register the complaint.
  6. Assign it to the guilty student.
  7. A choice for Jury is also available as different incidents have different processes, some might be big enough for a full discussion.
  8. In this step, you can assign the staff who will be responsible for solving the issue.
  9. Any files that need to be attached, like photos, documents etc can be attached.
  10. Finally, once you are done submitting it, the issue will show up on the dashboards of all the people involved, automatically notifies them of the incident and time for trial.

Discipline module

It’s also important to note that an automatic complaint number is created for every new complaint and the status of the complaint will be pending unless otherwise solved and marked as solved by the staff involved.

Posting comments/suggestions

Jury/Officials/Staff added to the complaint can log into Fedena and view the complaint from Academics< Now they can add and post comments about the complaint Jury and responsible officials can refer these suggestions to members and give a final verdict.

Closing the complaint/discipline

To close the complaint, the jury needs to enter the verdict and comments and choose the convicted person from the list provided. The status of the complaint will then be updated to ‘Solved’.

Fedena Discipline Management module is a powerful tool that simplifies the time-consuming task of tracking student discipline and behaviour with records maintained and ensuring the students are held accountable for their actions. This, in turn, helps your institution to organize rules and regulations, punishments and the attitude of the students and concentrate on creating and growing the best learning environment, your school.

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