Generate Customised Transfer Certificate for your School now!

Generate Customised Transfer Certificate for your School now!

Long has there been a debate on the Transfer certificate systems followed by our schools and often it has been a thorn in the complete academic process for parents and students as transferring from one school to another is no easy process. Even schools and admins classify generating and managing transfer certificates as an additive task.

Students change schools for a variety of reasons and during this process of shifting schools, the transfer certificate is one of the most important documents a student needs. When applying for one, the present school just generates the certificate and the onus of collecting and storing it shifts to the parents and the students. All the school needs to maintain is the leaving date and dues of the student. While joining a new school, it’s the student’s or parent’s prerogative to provide the transfer certificate issued by the previous school. At most times, this process generally gets delayed because of misplacement, incorrect formats, TCs which look like they aren’t professional etc.

Generating Transfer Certificates in your school management system

Once the school is digitized and starts maintaining digital records of students in a school management system, it becomes a relatively easier process for the schools to generate and store transfer certificates. It also becomes easier for students and parents to apply for one. In Fedena 3.5.2, Nix, the latest update to be released this Christmas, we have added a new feature to the Transfer certificate section. Schools and admins can now customize TCs to help them make this process easier and faster for the students and parents.

The idea behind this was quite simple, schools and admins want to reduce the time taken to generate TCs for students passing out or leaving the school. The students and parents appreciate spending lesser time on following up with the school on getting these certificates. Our vision with Fedena is to be the one and only school management software being used by schools and we recognized that there are multiple formats, templates, and designs in the diverse set of schools we are currently servicing as well as plan to. To help reduce their time and bring about an ease of use for any school, the TC generator feature was added to the Academics module.

How to use the new Transfer Certificate Generator in Fedena 

Here’s how you can use the new feature in Fedena 3.5.2 once it’s out this Christmas!

  • Click on Menu > Academics > Transfer Certificate to open the module
  • Click on Transfer Certificate Settings to configure the TC template. The header section has the details of the school, Certificate Number, and Logo. Student Details section has the various fields to be shown in the TC and the Signature and Clauses section allows you to configure signatures and additional text.

Fedena 3.5.2 TC Generator screenshot

Student details can be mapped to a field in Fedena or can be a custom field.

  • Click on Edit against each section to edit or add new fields. You can preview the certificate format by clicking on the Preview Certificate button.
  • Click on Generate Certificate to generate a new TC certificate for the student. Select the course and batch to view the former students of the batch. Select a student to enter the data into the TC. Click on Proceed to Certificate to generate a preview and then click on Generate to complete the generation of the certificate.

Nix TC Generator screenshot 2

Enter the data of the student and click on Generate.

Fedena 3.5.2 TC Gen screenshot 3

Now schools and admins can store the TC template in Fedena and generate the TC for the required student within a couple of minutes, massively reducing the admins task as well as the parent’s and student’s time. Another huge benefit for schools and admins comes in the form of storage, these generated TCs can be saved and stored in digital format so that the next time a leaving student comes for a duplicate copy because they have lost the TC, the school admin can retrieve it in a jiffy by just searching for the student’s profile in the system.

Fedena 3.5.2 or Nix is due for release this Christmas and we are hoping we will be shipping the updates earlier than that. The TC generator is a feature being added to the already existing Academics module.

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