Customized reports in school management system

Customized reports in school management system

A common argument in discussions on the future of school management systems for schools and institutions is “Customization”. Most of the supporters of this concept are companies which have vested interests in becoming a service offering company rather than a product development company. Most of them are unaware that once a customization is provided, it opens the floodgates to countless other feature requests and customization.

A customized reports in school management system is a solution for some institutions and schools, not all.

Which is why in Fedena user-specific reports were designed to facilitate any and all data required from the school management system, under the label Custom Reports. The reports are of two types, student-specific and employee-specific for many efficient reasons. We noticed that in most cases the existing user-specific reports aren’t sufficient for admins, teachers and students in an institution, as the data required for an admin would be different from that required by a teacher or a student or a parent. This is exactly where Fedena custom reports come into its full potential.

Consider a scenario where one admin staff may need a report on the names of students who were admitted on a particular date, another may need a report on the student guardian details just for a batch of students and another admin may need the contact details of all your employees in a single report. Each of these users can get their desired reports just by using the filters in the custom reports section, removing any clutter and unwanted data.

A student’s profile in a school management system records almost any and all data possible on the student and is constantly updated with any changes in these student details. In Fedena, custom reports can be constantly modified with various details needed to generate reports on the latest data of the student or employee.

Fedena Custom Reports screenshot 1

Another scenario where the admin staff needs the mobile numbers of all the students in class X. Fetching this data from each profile will be a time-consuming task. Custom reports will allow the admin staff to choose just the mobile phone numbers to be displayed in the report they generate for class X students.

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Custom Report Fedena screenshot 2

A similar process can also be applied to reports on employees of the institution.

Custom report fedena screenshot 3

Custom reports in Fedena were designed keeping the arguments of customization on school management systems in mind. What this means for the future of Fedena is, we are going to continue listening to your requests and gather as much data as possible from various institutions. Allowing us to work on providing a software which provides a unified online experience and at the same time provide solutions for each and every specific custom need of all institutions using Fedena. Records and certificates are always going to be how institutions access data on their employees, students and parents and vice versa. We always focus on efficiently providing these custom reports to render these records and certificates to an institution and user-specific needs.

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