Updating information in your school ERP – Fedena

Updating information in your school ERP – Fedena

“Things get done only if the data we gather can inform and inspire those in a position to make a difference.”
― Mike Schmoker
In an era of employing best practices in Data Analytics, it is important for people to update the information at hand and efficiently use it. The core functionality of any institution is to organize and manage information available. In such scenarios there is no hindrance when the data to be managed is small. However, when handling large information, institutions often lose valuable resources and time just to manage the system.
Fedena Bulk edit school ERP
Over the years, institutions across the globe have been trying hard to look for an ideal solution to implement a process to manage massive data and mechanism to update them. In most of the institutions that we observe, we find that during the initial phase of any data entry process, information is not completely entered due to unavailability of information and time restraints compelling admins to upload only the minimum information required.
Subsequently, when a requirement to upload the remaining additional information is at hand, the process becomes tedious as the admins have to remember each category or folder that they have created and update the remaining information. Fedena, a school ERP, has always understood such requirements and comes with a feature with the option of importing data.
Fedena school ERP screenshot
With the Custom import feature to import data, Fedena also allows admins and teachers to edit large information using the bulk edit option to handle updated information efficiently. This bulk edit feature proves useful when changes need to be made to multiple records that were uploaded through Custom Import, allowing the user to either make the changes in Fedena or perform a bulk edit.
The ease in updating data in Fedena is because of this technique adopted. The user is only required to enter the information required in the file and use the bulk edit option. The information here can range from few lines to hundreds of rows. The basic functionality of the feature involves mapping existing records with the fields and information in the CSV file.
The mapping of information in many school ERPs is not crystal clear and often leads to admins getting confused, but in Fedena, this is handled automatically by the plugin. A snapshot of the fields that are used to map the details in Fedena are as follows:
Fedena school ERP bulk edit screenshot
Many institutions have often come forward after using this feature to tell us how data management has improved in their system, in return allowing them to focus on other key aspects.

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