Student Photo Upload via Fedena API

Fedena School ERP - photo upload

The recent advancements in technology and connectivity have made schools jump on the bandwagon of digitizing their students’ records. This helps the schools in recording and fetching students’ data as and when needed, thereby assisting the school management in taking key decisions in line with kaizen.


The knowledge of data can unleash innumerable capabilities of the institution. It is quite important to note that every ERP implementation banks on “the correctness of the data”, which comes with a list of tedious tasks, especially for first timers. From our observations, while implementing Fedena, an ERP for schools, that the responsible school admin might have to go on rounds collecting every possible piece of information, identifying common patterns in the daily functioning, questioning every detail in the processes and then map the same into the ERP for their schools. And to add to this, all of this is to be done while continuing to run the daily processes and functions of the schools.


A deeper understanding of the actual problem is equivalent to solving a jigsaw puzzle, where assembling the oddly shaped interlocking and tiling pieces gives you the bigger picture.


Today, we are addressing one such scenario pertaining to data upload in ERP for schools, where you have a lot of student photos, that need to be uploaded in the relevant student records. Had it been a mere email field, the user could have added the missing emails via a spreadsheet or a CSV file and upload it. When the number of records is in the units of thousands, it becomes a herculean task for the team to upload the images one by one and the time consumed in doing so is enough to add to the list of pre-populated worries. This got us thinking, we wanted Fedena to be more than just a school management software, we wanted Fedena to help and ease the school admin’s work rather than add to their worries. This lead us to engineer student photo upload API to add to our list of existing open APIs in the Fedena API Playground.


We tried to make it as simple as possible by asking the user to replace the filenames of the images with the relevant Username(or Admission number) of the students. Once done, it’s a cake walk.


  1. Go to our API Playground
  2. Enter the Instance URL and the Authentication token generated  and start uploading your Photos all at-one-go.


Fedena school ERP photo upload API



We have a video to help you start with student photo upload here along with the Other APIs available. The admins save a lot of time and effort in uploading student photos, event photos etc in just  a matter of clicks, making Fedena the number one ERP for schools. So keep visiting our blog for more everyday hacks for your school management using Fedena.


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